It’s no secret we love terrible old games around the Action Couch. Of which A Boy and His Blob is a guilty pleasure. So obviously when I see a shameless parody title product, I’m all for it. It’s a sour ale. That is absolutely right. This thing is mouth puckering, but not to bad so don’t worry. They play heavily into the jellybeans aesthetic here with a hodgepodge of flavors all tossed in at once. Ever have that orange juice that has banana and pineapple in it? Tastes a lot like that. Just kinda off. The color of it, is very much like grapefruit. The smell is not the best. Kinda armpity.

It has that very Star Trek unknown liquid look. Like a Samarian Sunset.

Sorry Data, but I’m not. I mean it’s not terrible. It tastes like the backwashy bottom of a room temperature smoothie, or the bottom of a Jamba Juice you left in the car after coming out of a movie theater. That is to say it doesn’t have a strong boozy taste. So it would be good to keep around for people who might not enjoy a beer when you want to have one. Honestly I’m drinking it with a cold McRib so it’s going off an as is review. I am sure this could pair nicely if you took the time and effort. I could see tossing a few back, eating a bag of Swedish Fish, and watching a bunch of Disney Afternoon shows.

It’s not an all the time drink is what I’m getting at here. Just setting up the right mood for a sweet and sour ale that has an almost nebulous taste. That being the best tribute to A Boy and His Blob. I don’t enjoy it. It confuses and upsets me. That said I do like it. It’s quirky and unique. Something I’d get into every two years or so and have a good time. Then spend the next two years talking about how strange it is. So do I recommend it? Eh, why not? Give it a shot, just buy some back up booze incase it’s not what you are expecting. I can easily see someone hating this. Until next time I’m outa here.