Just replace PBS is Netflix and there ya go. Because much like finding a show on PBS everyone either already watched it or never heard of it. Binge watching is an odd feeling l, especially when doing it solo. A big part of watching a show is anticipation and discussion. These are all but absent from bingeing. Anyone you try and talk about a 3 or more year old show will either spoil it or tell you how they won’t spoil it. That’s your two options that way. Then if they haven’t seen it well you in turn either make them probably never watch it or won’t talk about it because you don’t want to spoil it for them either. You could always set up your own watch party. Get everyone together once a week for a few episodes.

I mean yeah right, if you could pull that off you wouldn’t be reading this website now would ya? So you got book club rules. Set a strict limit of how many episodes a week for… No, yeah, I know. Obviously they will watch ahead so you might as just watch it on your own, but don’t shut up about it. Like watch it slowly but get real real into it. So everyone either hates it on principal or they just give in and watch it. Both are good options. Never underestimate the value of personal favorite shows no one else likes. If they don’t like it they can’t ruin it.

That’s bright Heathcliff it’s just you and me now, no one can hurt you. Not like a lot of people are chomping at the bit to watch Heathcliff anyway. Still best bet is to solo that show. It can still be a great time. Just think about it fully. Question the whole world presented based on what is shown. Like in Star Trek ask yourself how a federation can still function when pretty much every admiral is evil or gets demoted. If you are the sitcom kinda person how the hell would science work if all the physicists acted like those Big Bang Guys? Which actually fun point. That show without a corporate sponsored laugh prompt shows how dreadful they are to each other.

There is a lot of those on YouTube, but this one is among the few that weren’t damn near 10 minutes. Point still stands just rip this new old show apart before you have nostalgia blinding your judgement. So then you need to find the show for you. First off always list your options.

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Piracy
  • Funimation
  • Hulu

Then the hardest choice is what devices will you be using the most to watch it on? Will you be distracted with your phone or Switch? This is pretty much the biggest decision right here. Because what your options are after this are well entirely based on the platform. Netflix tends to have full series more often than not, but it’s in app search is garbage and doesn’t even show everything. It’s all algorithmic. So probably spin around some websites for what to watch there. Disney+ is more or less what you expect. So no need to deep dive that. Funimation is great for anime, just keep track of it’s sub or dub. Hulu has way more incomplete series, but a lot more odd choices. I tend to start at Hulu just to feel out what I’m in the mood for. Don’t over think it. If something doesn’t reach out right away skip it. Now the times you lingered, what were they? Any connecting threads? Sitcoms? Old SatAM cartoons? Krang?

If that gif doesn’t bring you joy then you better just pick classic Ninja Turtles, or to the three of you brits reading this Hero Turtles. Now I have a condition unknown to modern medical science that makes me physical itchy if I don’t finish a show I start. You probably don’t have that, lucky you, so you can always bail. So what’s the proper etiquette for breaking up with a show? If it offends you or makes you uncomfortable then just leave. This hasn’t happened to me, but I am dead inside from spending my puberty on Something Awful dot Com. Next is if it’s been 3 dates. Like if you tried three times and you aren’t feeling it. Breaking Bad actually took 3 times for me. I ended up loving it, and I’m glad I stayed. Still I would have been fine treating it like Lost. Finally I say pilot plus three. So basically 4-7 episodes is a good number to try. Then you can honestly just walk away. So then what’s the point to this? Well there is a lot of decent shows I never would have checked out. Like uh…

Lost Girl: A Canadian supernatural thriller drama. Think Grimm meets Buffy. Lots of sexy stuff if that’s not your bag I get it. It’s not to overboard I watched it with my ex and my mom at the same time without a blush. So it’s like PG13+ in recommended age. Good twists and a decent if drawn out conclusion.

Longmire: Half cowboy half Native American crime drama. It’s a good watch that is heavily character driven. A laid back melancholy sad slice of midwestern charm.

My Little Pony: Basically the last classic Cartoon Network style show. Dexter’s Lab, Foster’s Home, Samurai Jack, Power Puff Girls, and the like are all shown in it’s charm and writing. It starts strong but gets old. Four solid seasons and great if you got kids.

Gurren Lagann: An emotionally asskicking manly goodtime with robots and the fight to reclaim not just the Earth, but the very reason to live. Seriously just watch it.

Rat Patrol: A 1960s World War 2 series set in Africa an often overlooked part of the conflict that really gives a different and bigger perspective on a topic we all think we know so well. Full of heart and charm and easy to find on YouTube so give it a go.

Bojack Horseman: Just man, where to start with this one. It’s funny, heartbreaking, deep, and profoundly dumb. One of the best TV shows in the last ten years, possibly ever.

Turn Washington’s Spies: A mostly accurate retelling of not just the revolutionary war, but the start of modern spycraft as we know it. A damn good watch because it is war, and as we all know death doesn’t discriminate. I loved this show. Went back to it twice actually and historical dramas were not really my thing before Turn.

Honestly I could go on for hours. I might even do a few follow up Binge Watch articles with links and stuff. Just for now go find yourself something fun while we all are waiting for some decent weather and health to go outside. It can really just make a whole week worth it just blasting through a show after work for a few hours and not having to find something to do. So get some shows qued up and pop over to our discord server and let me know what you got lined up. I’ll probably jump in with ya. Random old shows are kinda the best.