It’s on like everything now. The first 3 Phoenix Wright games. The Ace Attorney’s staple run. 3DS, Android, iOS, PlayStation, PC, Switch, and probably xBox if you are one of those types. So let’s just start there shall we? So the big question has to be what is it? It’s a mystery game to put it succinctly. The games have you take the role of a lawyer, typically a defense lawyer, in Japan. Again typically, they go around a bit. This in and of itself is a pretty interesting concept for a game. Cross examining witnesses and pointing out contradictions using evidence and court records.

Watching their narrative fall apart as you tug at every little loose string. Nothing is more satisfying as the wonderfully animated characters absolutely lose their shit. The whole time being fought back by the opposite side with surprise witnesses and new evidence. Though it’s not just the prosecutor who gets to toss a few curve balls. After each court day you hit the streets and look into the case yourself. The police are in the pocket of the prosecutor’s office. It’s an uphill battle each time. That just it all the sweeter when you make a full turnabout using your own bit of deduction and leg work with a good amount of favors being called in to the few friends you have at the police HQ too. So obviously you make no shortage of enemies as both sides of the law start to close around you. Just leaving it to your wit and a keen eye for detail to save yourself, your friends, and protect the virtue of the justice system as a whole. Yeah, sounds pretty rad right? Because it is. The soundtrack is absolutely astounding.

While you do take some one off cases the bulk of the story focuses on a web of lies and conspiracy that touches every part of your life from college to today. Childhood friends are reunited and bonds of loyalty tested. Bla bla flowery buzz words that fit more on a movie poster. Oh wait they made a movie. Also an anime. So however you want to dip your toes into the legal system is up to you. Anyway, that’s just the first 3 titles of the Ace Attorney series.

The story moves forward as Phoenix passes the flame to a young up and coming star attorney. He uh, he gets blown up.

A few times actually. Apollo gets hurt a lot. Though I don’t care for him so it’s awesome. Not feeling the new characters? Well a fair amount of people didn’t so they made prequels. Some set in post World War 1 even. It’s a rich an expansive series that has a little something for anyone willing to give it a shot. Though the fun doesn’t stop there. We got parodies and remixes galore. Even some fan games have been made that are incredibly well done.

A series more focused on story and logic over reaction and jumping over pits makes it accessible to even the worst of video game players. It’s like a well written graphic novel that actually requires you pay attention and solve the cases as you go. Every twist, deadend, and misleading theory racking your brain to try to piece it all together, but that is nothing compared to knowing exactly who did it and not having the key piece of evidence. Just like a good book it does suffer from a lack of replayability. But that’s not needed as the stories and characters will stay with you for years to come. Now there is only one last piece of evidence to be added to this article.

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