So now that the YouTube is shows are rolling out let’s explain a bit of what is going on around here. The Action Lair might just look like an old abandoned hotel, but that’s just the surface level. It’s the site of the 1999 World Video Game Championships. The same one that had to be cancelled due to “unexplained circumstances” on the day of the event. Sold shortly afterwards to cover the lawsuits from the families of those who were lost it now sits largely empty guests. Primarily because the current owner seems only interested in “persons of exceptional aptitude” yet that basically boils down to an absolutely ridiculous understanding of pop culture and video games. Allowing those people to stay for free, as long as the help him conquer the world with internet shows and let’s plays. Only catch is the owner happens to be the man behind the WVGC disappearances.

Dr Soda, that boner, splits his time between building his crony army and playing games.

Often more of a distraction than anything else. Soda often speaks his thoughts without thinking. Rapid hot take style reviews are more his speed. As opposed to yours truly.

Haro, the not always right, but never wrong Couch Commander. Articles, reviews, let’s play, and everything else I will try it all. What else is there to do besides make an online review series for a guy who spent over a decade stuck in a hellish video game world nightmare? Often help by a few other Game Masters, who also spent most their life stuck in a Sega Genesis, I’m just happy to unfettered access to the internet. Who cares if it’s because I work for the guy who kidnapped me and tried to kill me before. He pays alright and I got all the help I need from his little helpers.

These little Couch Cronies are repurposed old CRTs and other screens based technology. Although I appreciate his creativity, an army of old 80s TVs won’t really blend in as naturally as they once would. I suppose that’s part of why he doesn’t seem so focused on global domination as much anymore. Now he isn’t the only creature from the video world that slipped through. We have no shortage of mobs, monsters, and patreons running through the halls. Like the two mob girls Skelly and She Taki.

It’s not always reviews around here, so I figured I’d help get everyone up to speed on what and who is all going on around here. So stick around and see what’s up. Because honestly even I don’t fully know what’s going on around here.