As you can see it’s still a little messy here. We recently got a new capture card and I started to slowly realize I do not know where my box the big microphone plugs into went. It is a pretty nice Microphone. One of those late nite talk show types. Which is why I am showing those pics. I am setting up my field of streams like a talk show. Because I would like to have some sort of call on show as things take off around here.

That said I’d like to feature some of my favorite live streaming let’s playing go to guys and gals. I do apologize for the slower uploads and the rand trail new articles it’s still like 90% me around here. Soda doesn’t do much and when he does it’s on my accounts. I have a few people I have been trying to get to be more engaged but that’s slow going. No worries though I got this. I mean I put out that house fire without the fire department, so I can clearly pump out content daily and work on setting up a live stream.

But it will be great and it will be full steam ahead soon but for now I am trying to hit an every other day minimum post cycle. After I get everything all set up I hope to go back to dailies and high quality posts.

It’s been fun so far and a much better launch than I could have hoped for. Action Couch Life is here to stay.