The best bosses have the best fortresses, but you don’t have to be the Final Boss to have the best hideout. Even your standard level boss can have a fortress fit for a last stage. With Spikes!

Yes a classic almost as old as the pit, and predating the moat, it’s the spike. Before we use any hazard blocks, let’s take a moment to talk about stage safety. Be sure to read, understand, and follow all the safety rules that come with your hazard blocks. Knowing how to use your hazard blocks properly will greatly reduce the risk of personal injury and increase the risk of protagonist injury. And remember this, there is no more important safety rule than to wear these: safety glasses!

Now before we show case the best spikes out there let’s take a moment to decide, are spikes right for you? Spikes are in most situations more secure. That is a well known fact. Not going to wall jump out of a spike, so the pit’s biggest weakness is easily fixed. This is a must if you are regularly dealing with wall jumpers, boundary breakers, or even your gadget loving robot. Spikes are pretty hard to get around, and even make a great way to keep pipes from getting clogged.

Which can make a tunnel become terror and keep a stage worth of plumbing sloshing smoothly away in a protag free waterworks. You would have to be crazy to risk crud vapors, ick water, and spikes. Now they aren’t quite as good as lava, sadly a cornered and injured intruder can “damage boost” over them. So try and limit enemy placements in spike heavy features. You might think that 1Man is safely tucked away but one errant bullet or bap and now your trap might have been turned on you. Bear in mind don’t overdo it. A few well placed spikes are terrifying.

To many is a just a challenge. Even if it’s a physics breaking spike elevator.

Now I’m sure you are noticing spikes are very customizable. The coloration and in some deluxe models the effects can be themed to your hideout.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match even in one area. It helps to keep intruders unsure if you have high quality insta death spikes, or if you cheaper out with less leathal skewers. Don’t be fooled “spiked” doesn’t mean Spike. Look for the big S in your order forms, or if you happen to be ordering from a lazy AI translated website “Needle Block” is typically a sign of quality.

Not only does the “spiked Press” trick you into thinking it is instant kill it could actually be used to damage boost through tricky enemy placements. The Press is crush damage. Regular free crush damage. Those are best just to look cool, perhaps add that satisfying “click click click thunk” that always let’s people know you are not to be taken lightly. Now there are some premium baddies you can get that do include the insta Spikes right on them. These specialized super units are pretty expensive and are prone to being targeted just to feel safer. So be aware of the cost you will be facing with some special guards when spikes would pretty much be a one time investment.

The “Spikes all over” types might be a little more expensive, but the style is more than worth it. It will make any interloper think twice about trying to “damage boost” over them. All those rad points will toss off their depth perception something fierce.

The classic big chonk Spike always looks best taunting anyone daring to jump over your pits. A ceiling stripe is a must to be taken seriously by any governing bodies for Unionized Evil Leagues. The traditional solid Spike can also be thinner and more sleek if you are going for more of a sinister vibe.

Go ahead and use your jet. It won’t matter if they run out of gas. The thin Spike is cost-effective and ideal for a resource gobbling corridor. Setting one at the halfway check point might just be enough to discourage the less experienced dogooders. Just try and stay true to you, or atleast your theme. Don’t be afraid of traditional choices. They are well known for a reason. What underwater path doesn’t look better with the old Navy Mine styled Spike orb.

Now this wouldn’t be Better Hideouts and Dungeons if we don’t show you a fantastic DIY idea. So let’s look at the “Death Boss” not putting spikes in the boss room. That’s easy. No try putting the spikes on the boss. I know this isn’t an option for everyone, but even Bowser started using vehicles so don’t be to shy to try my guy.

Spikes, pneumatic rocket punches, big ol’ drills, and a specialty defended bubble shield make this a boss of beauty. Best thing that was all like 1990s tech. The parts now would be way cheaper and more varied to fit whatever your Hideout Home calls for. Don’t be afraid to get a little silly with them. Why just have a crusher wall that kills in a set time when a layer of Spikes makes it even shorter, the time limit not the wall, that is actually made longer. Hide some under destructible blocks, make it the protag’s fault he got spiked. Or just put some clean and safely out of the way like above a door or tunnel. Just to be like “Yeah I got Spikes to spare so be careful.”