The winner is Phanto. Yes the original unsettling jumpscare for many of us. Phantom played a delicate game of “Why do you keep hitting yourself?” with us as he makes it your fault you died.

Won’t be no trouble, unless you lookin’ to start some. Completely passive until the key is disturbed, hell chill enough to back off no matter where you toss it. Even once it’s used he stays away because all he really cares about is that key. Specificly the no one touching it aspects of that key. He doesn’t give a shit about the door. You have to respect a killer with a code. Also he gives you plenty of warning from the second you pick it up.

He shrieks as he chases down his prey. Circling erratically behind swooping back and forth until one way or another that key lays still. As soon as you see him you tense up. You know it’s coming, slow and methodically tensions raise.

For making you have to go to the danger, instead of having it come to you Phanto is the definitive Champion Halloween for 2020.