A little something different today. I want to start a new tradition around here. A holiday cease fire on a series you might not enjoy. For me it’s been Hollow Knight. I have not been candid about it’s short comings, but how about it’s strong points? I mean I did talk a little about it. That and I feel giving in to the obvious points would be sorta disingenuous. So here goes…

I guess it’s intriguing. I did actually want to know what was going on. As well as I did enjoy the visuals outside of combat. It crafted a decent world that felt wholely it’s own. From just the first seconds of booting it up I knew it was Hollow Knight. To which I mean I had that same feeling you get booting up a Sonic game or Final Fantasy. There was no doubt what I was about to play was the often praised bug game with the edgy name. The last time a game gave me that feeling from it’s first time playing was Cave Story.

That is ofcourse a game 100% of the world agrees is damn near perfect. So perhaps I was judging it not by it’s fanbase as I claim, but by the unobtainable status of Cave Story. Like a petulant child complaining his mother’s homemade hamburger isn’t from McDonald’s I might have overlooked the heart. A lot of people really love Hollow Knight years after it’s release. A game doesn’t need to be flawless, hell even good, to be fun. It just needs to be an experience. So I went and played it a bit more. Starting over and not stopping until I got further than my last try. As I mentioned before the game was pretty easy. I actually got ahead of myself last time by basically sequence breaking the game. I got into places I shouldn’t by assuming the game would have tricky jumps early on.

Going at the game disinterested and half heartedly caused… er, helped me to move more linearly down the tunnels. Getting me further into the plot and deeper into the world. I still wasn’t having fun, but I was close to it. Definitely fun adjacent. I still don’t think it’s for me though I can see others enjoying themselves. If I had to give it a rating, pick whatever scale you like then take whatever is dead center. It’s downsides are almost all cancelled out with something positive. The game is as good as you allow it to be and as bad as you are looking for it to be. It doesn’t stand out to well on it’s own. What it does do though is be a consistent and well made game. In the end can we really ask for more? So go out and give it a shot. I bet it will be exactly what you expect.