Starting at around $50 going up to a few thousands this recently defunct beauty is worth a pick up. Now first things first, it has full PlayStation 1 back compatibility. It has some PS2 back compatibility though that differs between versions. Which shouldn’t be a selling point nowadays with emulation and modding available for PS2 units so easily. Obviously then we won’t be factoring that part into the value here. Also the PSN store will be shutting down soon for PS3. So I urge everyone to who wants the full experience to get one soon, as in now.

Mainly for the games (updates, DLC, digital only) and themes. The XBM, somehow called “Cross Bar Menu”, is the best UI that has graced my screen. Toss in goofy and cool looping video that even has seasonal and time of day sensitive changes just makes it all the better. The PSP also used the XBM and that’s part of why they are great. The designs both for slim and refit versions are nice as well as the many many limited editions and custom cases so grab something you like.

It goes to show how prevalent these things were. For many houses it was the first, if not only, Blu-ray player. Which honestly was a step down from DVD. The video quality was better sure. But menus, special features, loading time, and even worse checking for online connections made them rather sluggish. Good thing the PS3 also plays videos from flash drives and media servers. Also it has a banging visualizer for MP3s.

It does more than just the earth mind you. Just surprisingly few videos of it on YouTube. Making it perfect for background visuals at a party or even when just faffing about not using the TV. The controller is just about perfect.

The Dualshock 3 is the PlayStation at it’s prime. Lightweight with no useless features giving this wireless wonder a staggering battery life. Perfectly responsive even after all these years I can honestly say it is worth going and getting name brand. Atleast one of them for you. Feel free to grab a knock off or two but they are typically not very good. Really pretty though.

When it comes to games well there is no real standard of quality. Some of the greatest games of all time came out on the PS3 along side some monumental failures. That being the case with the gaming industry being what it is a large amount of the better PS3 games have been ported and rereleased on PS4 which means it can run on PS5 as well. So you end up mostly hunting down some odd lost gems and quirky one shots like Trinity Universe or Super Rub-a-Dub. The games are pretty cheap so strike now. They only will go up as the supply of functional disks go down.

As well as being the golden age of Music Rhythm games it definitely has party box written all over this bad boy. Like honestly? It’s kinda hard to do a Consolences on a system that is still widely available. Only time will tell how it gets remembered. As well as how it will hold up to collectable markets. We might have a Batman Forever McDonald’s Collector’s Glasses kinda scenario. See those cups came out in 1995, right when mail order and internet shopping started to become accessable for everyone. Buying and selling was now purely supply and demand. Fans finally getting a chance to snag a rare Welch’s Tom and Jerry jar they never saw and wouldn’t mind tossing down a few tenners for it. So suddenly everyone started thinking their old junk was actually highly desirable old junk. So anything someone said is “collectable” people would hoard. Those cups were sold for $1.95 when you bought a value meal. Cups that ended up being as collectable as Batman Forever was “Batman”.

Yet some people can not be convinced otherwise. Perhaps the PS3 will be mired in false scarcity making purchasing certain games prohibitively expensive and selling them taking either luck or an online business not just an eBay listing. Eitherway I have to say it’s worth picking some of it up now. I am optimistic that the PS3 will have it’s final firmware cracked and we won’t lose many of the fantastic games and themes we have available until the servers get shut down for updates and DLC. It’s the first time a console of this magnitude is ending. Wii has had a solid showing in emulation and modification so hopefully PS3 makes it. Unlike the other services on the system time has already locked away behind switched off servers and defunct licenses. But those, those are services to be described on another day.