It’s here! An incredibly not good episode of Couch Chat! This time it’s about Sonic The Hedgehog 1. It’s been 30 years since it came out and I had to talk about it. I mean life might be crushing me in my 30s, but I still find ways to get by after a day of being an adult.

No matter how old I am, or how old Sonic 1 gets, it will always make me smile. Sure I might not have articulated that very well in the video. I’d blame it on having some couch whiskey before recording. Honestly I was just rushing it. I’m still new at this and feel I’m better than I am. I know it will take time to find my voice. Something Sonic has shown me won’t always be an upward climb. I’m bound to have my own 3D Blast moments. Yet hopefully I’ll keep bouncing back. Not every game has to be classic. So not every video has to be well, good. What matters is dusting yourself off and trying again.

Just like a failed encode you just go at it again. Tweak your settings and go again. It’s no understatement that I have always had a fondness for Sonic. Even if some games made me take some time away before dropping another sixty bux on a new title. That and some shows losing my interest faster than my usual four episode grace period. I always come back to the series as a whole. Heck look around here. We have plenty of Sonic content since the website started. Plenty more to come too. It’s taking everything in me to not immediately start a new Sonic based episode. Just I don’t want to oversaturate the channel early on with non stop Sonic talk. So let’s figure out what comes next. I have a few ideas bouncing around the Discord server and between the Couch Crew. So maybe join us there, or if nothing else I’ll see you next time.