So I saw this in the store today. I have to admit I couldn’t not buy something called “Circle of Friends Japanese Banana” not to mention just look at that little guy. Costing a scant four bux and hailing from the distant lands of China it was an interesting flavor taste chance I couldn’t pass up.

I wasn’t expecting them to be individually wrapped that is a nice plus. Also it would make them great to toss into any snack basket, bowl, or what-have-you. At this point I took to Google to see exactly what I was about to consume. Frighteningly Google had nothing. Mostly shampoos came up.

Soft and dry like most prepackaged sponge cakes. With a strong Banana Laggy Taffy taste. Satisfying but not overly so. You will want about two at a time so having to unwrap them is a downside. I can’t really recommend them for gaming snacks. These are more like an after fast food snack. Late into a Netflix binge kinda deal. The flavor is pretty strong, it lingers on more than I personally would like. It even passes through several drinks of Pepsi. Just a bit of time later my stomach is kinda crampy. Trying to think if this is worth it? Yeah, I’d say it is. They are pretty unique. I have to say they are a solid mix up to toss in to any standard snack assortment. Not to mention the mascot is awesome. But the cramping is kinda stronger than I would recommend, but that could be the Burger King.

Until next time, just remember to make all your snack purchase decisions based on the cuteness of the mascot. Not from possible alleged stomach pains.