Not gonna lie, this guy had to be first on my Couch Jams sets. I don’t even have an idea for how these posts will be set up or even what goes in them. What I do know is Chad Neidt is amazing. His original songs are fantastic. His covers are ear candy. His Mash Ups are legendary. This guy just full on owns.

Plus he gave Action Couch Life permission to use his music in our videos if we credit and link him. That was awhile ago now, but that act of kindness is a large part of why I never gave up on this idea I had to make the finest guide to couch time. I know music is subjective so I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I have spent many hours listening to his jams while grinding out Pok√©mon levels on the Action Couch. So do yourself a favor my Couch Cronies and go give him a listen.

Until next time take luck you crazy cronies.