It’s easy to stick to what ya know. Friends, family, and films tend to be the starting place for most people’s music tastes. Though we now have something that makes finding neat jams easy and free, the almighty algorithm in our YouTube accounts. So here are some choice tunes from my autoplay history I would never have clicked on myself.

Now starting with LunchMoney Lewis here is a prime example of pleasant surprise. The jazzy bassy bumping beat with a relatable message that makes going to work seem uplifting yet never downplays how much everything sucks all the time just makes it a perfect work playlist if you do that sorta thing. Careful though it says a bad word a few times so how about car or headphones ya dig?

Video game raps are nothing SPECIAL, heh that’s the comedy people pay the Patreon for right there, but finding good raps that have a firm adherence to the theme is just absolutely ace. Dan Bull here has many raps in a multitude of mannerisms making music memorable more so than the masses. I almost guarantee if you like Minecraft you have heard this guy before.

I mash up of the village people by gorilla puppets. This channel only has a few songs as they are mostly a comedy vlog but still worth checking out. A great lunchtime watch if you have forced breaks and co-workers you would rather not talk to.

Got only 4 minutes but got an power need to get turnt? Chad’s got all the best club bangers right in one easy collection. In fact it’s just one song. His one minute mash ups hit me autoplays one day and he has stayed on my playlists since then.

We at Action Couch Life in no way support Nightcore, but damn this song is just catchy. I almost guarantee it hit my autos from that Dark Souls meme, but that’s fine it’s a fitting punishment.

Now Mystery Skulls are great on their own, but add in some Phoenix Wrong style video wackiness and you got my attention. Mystery Skulls still hits that house spot in my soul. The same spot Daft Punk used to before the got uh… well I’ll just say the new stuff is alright. Just like the new Final Fantasy games are alright. Money by Mystery Skulls is like Evermore to their Mana if you get my Secret reference there.

Very Explicit: Fair Warning

I used to be very big into MSI and KMFDM and just hard industrial and whatever genres you want to throw around. So imagine my surprise when during an Offspring marathon YouTube decided to remind me I used to be a little hard ass in middle school. With a new song from an old favorite band about Crack. Which got me very interested in what they had been up to. I’ll finish the with the video for Crack and leave you with the same warning. MSI is to awesome for people with weak sensitivities.