I know right?! That looks really fun. Like just an endless amount of fun. Well it almost is. I mean it. So let’s get past the boring stuff. The cast, the writers, the craft services teams who cares. There are plenty of voices you’ll remember. Figuring them out for yourself is the fun. Granted Nomi took longer than I’d like to admit to place. Still if you want to ruin it just go to IMdb already.

What at surface level looks like classic Star Trek, really turns out to be closer to classic Lost in Space. Earth is boned and we need a new planet. So while humanity is getting things in order to split they send out a space cruiser full of genetically enhanced dogs to fetch us a new planet.

The mighty Embark houses several smaller crafts that each have their own trained team if space pups. They maintain a healthy rivalry between crews in their mission to find a suitable planet to move all the humans to. Run by a command council of elders who not only oversee the captains, but the day to day lives of all onboard. Not satisfied with just planet hopping fun the show builds a decent and believable world. From diners to sports arenas this ship has it all.

Providing a pleasant backdrop for character based plot points. While managing to keep a steady overarching plot progression for the whole season. A rarity in family oriented animation nowadays. Often a show like this will opt for a more episodically interchangeable type of series. Leading to a disjointed feeling when a major shift or change happen during important episodes. Dogs in Space keeps those moment spread out as a small part of each episode. So it’s never something as jarring as say…

Like making everyone in your series be in a space army just because. I mean come on Regular Show, that was way to hard of a tonal shift. Now sure it was only the first season of Dogs in Space, but it was handled well enough I’m comfortable speaking on it as a whole. Plot of the day enough to make any random episode satisfying to watch on their own, but with plenty of throw backs and references to make it feel like progress has been made. Dogs in Space has that classic Cartoon Network feel, but with a modern story telling vibe. Also for a show about and starring dog characters, surpringly little toilet humor. I’m all around impressed with this random late night find on Netflix. It’s definitely worth a watch.

You can check out the entire first episode for free on YouTube. Like officially, no shady uploads this time. So have at it. Right after a brief mention that Action Couch Life is made possible by Patreon contributions by viewers like you. Thank you.