Okay full disclosure, I wasn’t going to do anything in this because I went in expecting more of the Broly movie style two hour fight scene kinda film here. Which didn’t happen. Infact the title Super Hero gives it away. They made a Marvel movie. It’s a bunch of funny antics that ends in a big team up throw down fight against ba big green man. It has an actual plot to the film. Following Piccalo’s frustration in Gohan giving up on fighting to be a family man unlike his father. Only to still be a bad father by focusing on his work so much so he won’t even pick his daughter up from kindergarten. They also just don’t utilize Goku or Vegeta. Those two spend the whole movie just punching each other on the other side of the universe.

There are new powers and forms in here like always. Krillin even gets his mojo back and gets right up in the fight. Especially reminding Piccalo that when Piccalo was a bad guy he used to grow real real big. To which Piccalo admits he straight up forgot, but the best part in all this. The main characters get called out for like having every world shattering bad guy just hanging around the richest person on Earth’s house. It would obviously give some illuminati secret organization vibes. I’ll stop there, honestly there would be a lot to unpack but I promised no spoilers. So my basic thoughts is even if you haven’t seen Dragon Ball since Z jump back in here if only for a fun little trip back to a show you used to love. It’s basically a retelling of sorts for the events in the Cell saga, but after it… Think Star Wars, it’s poetry it repeats itself. It keeps things familiar yet changing up the way they present it. Treat this movie like a summer blockbuster, like Thor 3, just a random snippet from the lives of some characters you already know. You probably won’t walk away with a new found appreciation for the franchise, but you’ll leave satisfied. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is what a Dragon Ball movie should be, but not what we are used to. I’ll cover it in more detail if/when I do a series recap for all of Dragon Ball. Until then I just enjoyed it for what it was, and I hope you check it out too.