Dragon Quest, formally Dragon Warrior is you are old or like to keep things old school, has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. The series is clunky and well as we say around here it’s way to full off Robins. This game is not. Well it’s a bit clunky, but that’s from the glut of menus and how many sub menus are in-between what you need and where you clicked. Fitting because the game is very clearly just some Dragon Quest paint in any Japanese gacha RPG that I’ve played. You have an energy meter here. Which is your typical “You can play this much” meter. It recharges overtime and has never been an issue so far. All the purchasable things are not needed unless you are impatient as all hell. So it’s balanced in that regard.

Seeing as you get plenty of the stuff just from playing. The meat of the meal is the combat. It’s a tactics RPG, and a fairly solid one. If you were or are unfortunate enough to know how Fire Emblem Heroes played it takes a lot of that in it’s interface, but it’s gameplay isn’t a scaled down sorta vague memory of what it should be. It is a nicely sized, obstacle filled, challenging grid based combat engine.

The whole aesthetics here is wonderful. They kept the classic sounds from the main series. My favorite is do-da-lundahdundun. The magic casting sound. You know the one. Anyway the music solid. Coming from it’s history as a console RPG from the 80s they know how to make a sweet looping background track.

The story mode is charming. The story is kid friendly yet strange. That is so true to the series I am honestly just now noticing that trend with Dragon Quest. Which it just occurred to me you might have no clue what this series is. Good news, it doesn’t matter! It’s based on the spin off Dragon Quest series Monsters. You play as a dead human brought back to life in a world of monsters to help them um… kill monsters. In Dragon Quest Builders they used a very similar plot just like, they are humans that need help. Eh, it is whatever just kill the big bad. Along the way you recruit monsters.

Summon some monsters. Using in game currency and items. No wait! It’s not terrible. You can reroll. If you get a bad hand you can just have a do over. As many times until your satisfied when you do a 10X summon.

Honestly it’s got good depth with equipment crafting/upgrading, party customization and boosts, plus you have so many side quests. Daily missions for specific goodies and upgrade items gives you something to do while grinding out levels and summoning new monsters. Pumping up your global ranking is pretty sweet. It’s just your strongest teams Combat Potential score. Gives the game a sorta Dragon Ball vibe with Power Levels, but in a good way. After digging in for a few days I can say it holds your interest at the least. It holds off on walking your progression, but the amount of new monsters and gear does slow down substantially. Unfortunately some missions are locked behind having certain characters unlocked. Those characters are seemingly random to actually unlock. Like frickin’ Bubble Slime.

Come home Bubble Slime we miss you.

As the newness wears off it becomes apparent it is a mobile game. Just so happens to be a really good one so it’s not all bad. The more I think about it this style of game wouldn’t work without the mobile time management and premium currency set up. Well I mean it did, Dragon Quest Monster, but that has a way more involved gameplay side to it. This is mostly battles and resource management. By adding in a balance to slow progress (unless you pay money) and having monster summoning be random but still rare enough to feel special it creates a whole different experience. One that knows very well what it is. Ultimately I can recommend it. Seeing as I’m still having fun and haven’t spent a dime. I’ll probably finish the main story then just pop in a bit every few days to check for events and such. People put to much emphasis on getting burned out on a mobile game as a bad thing. I don’t understand that, very few games hold my interest to play over and over and over. Eventually you walk away from any game. So why are these phone ones held to some unobtainable standard of infinite playtime and no cost? So why not grab it and give it a go. See that? No question mark on why not download it. That’s because it wasn’t a question. Go do it. Okay bye.