Normally I would be all snarky here and act like I had enjoyed the series. Then compare it to the comics that inspired it as well as shows that it reminded me of. Just I can’t do that. I was bored. It was boring. You know that feeling you get when you are halfway through a book and you start reading faster just to get to where it is going? It’s like that from the start. Which I can only describe as it started with a Bane Plane.

A random airplane heist thing already going down. I know it’s part in partial to these types of shows and movies but I was bored instantly. With some family drama coming up next about bank loans and I think a fishing boat. I have seen every movie up to now, and stay fairly current on the comics and I had no idea why I was being shown this. Flashing between Sam’s family and Bucky’s uh… Bucky’s life and dreams. It just kept dragging on. Disjointed and dull as we see Sam turn down being Captain America, a very well paying job, and obviously they pick a new Captain America. Just they try to act all “Oh noooo~ can you believe it?!” Plus it’s just USAgent.

Not really burying the lead with what you have planned Disney. Yes not everyone is a huge Cap fan like me. Just ya know, people will Google and speculate by the end of episode 3 the writing was already on the wall. I can forgive a predictable plot, even a bad plot at times, but I can’t forgive boring pacing. This show does little to draw me in. It’s like study hall in school. I enjoy not having to do anything, but I’d rather be elsewhere. I feel obligated to watch this. I am a Marvel fan and already invested a lot of time into the MCU. That and I already have Disney+ so why not? Just being honest here I am barely paying attention. I spent most of the time talking about good comics and game design. Even distracted I didn’t miss any of it’s story beats. They could have done so much more with this series. Like let’s be fair, the middle bit was alright. That said the build up and climax of most series tends to be atleast decent. This show fails to live up to the standards set by even Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. let alone the Captain America movies. So is it worth a watch? Eh, not by yourself. If you got someone to talk to about comics or your respective days then sure. It’s a sad indication of where comic book movies and series are going in America. Where they once became popular because of how different they were, but now they are slowly devolving into the standard made for TV drama. I almost expect to see it on The CW. Sam Wilson is much more than just the new Captain America. He’s the Falcon.

Maybe Disney should have gave him more time to, ahem, find his wings. The biggest problem here is they don’t give a real proper build up for what they try and pull off. Falcon has been around for a long time, but never getting the spotlight. So now we have a real chance to get to understand him. To dig deeper into The Falcon, and make him something more. Or we can ham fist his life as annoying B plot segments in an overcrowded story about the next Captain America. We can just toss away the last chance for him to be something more than angle cosplay Ironman or black Captain America. That’s my problem. Not that he isn’t Steve Rogers, but that he isn’t Sam Wilson. He and Cap have history. Meaning that he and I do too. I’m glad to see you again Falcon, but not like this.