Now this brings me back, I love these types of cakes. I never had many growing up we were a Pepperidge Farms family. No car so we could only get what was sold in town more often than not. So that was those little frozen cakes.

We would each get one to ourselves for our birthday. The others would split one or two of them. Though this isn’t about them. This is about how I got a few ColdStone Gift cards and well I am not a huge fan of theirs so I wanted to knock it out one and done. So I got this big beautiful cake right here.

Looks just like advertised. Oh right you have to see the advertisement image huh?

If we are going off looks, 3 out of a number much much higher than 3. Taste though is pretty solid. I mean it’s icecream cake. I have never had a bad experience with icecream cake. So it’s not fair to hold the looks solely against it. The Mario Karts are very well made. One step below say… a packaged toy in durability. Which is to be expected honestly. I have condemned them to the shelf of misc game stuff under my TV.

Now oddly enough the flavor of the cake reminds me of that Sprangles cereal. The one known for having lots of sprinkles, unlike this cake.

It was the first thought in my head. That uniquely almost vanilla but definitely sugar. What you are eating is enhanced with chemicals and as such it’s impossible to replicate at home. Is it better than homemade cake? Not really, no. Though it’s not worse. It’s simply an expensive celebration cake for special occasions. Any kid would be delighted to get this cake. I’d say most adult fans would atleast appreciate the novelty of it. I’d value the karts at easy 4 bux each. So think of them as $8 of the purchase price. Now you don’t need the cake to enjoy the Mario themed fun.

The ice cream is like a fourth the price even if you get the large. I believe it’s the “gotta have it” size. That comes with a cone and a Mario themed cup. I lacky pictures of it as I ate them awhile ago. Infact the ice cream was so good it’s why I wanted to try the cake. So ultimately is it worth the sticker price?