Well this is my first attempt at WordPress from my phone, most of my content will come from there for now actually. “What content though?!” I hear you cry. Well some rambling ranting reviews from the top of my head, some cooking tips, some YouTube links with some context, and well basically short sweet blips. Like Quibi actually short bits that can be taken when you got a few minutes or just shot gunned back to back. That and nobody knows it exists. Which is why we got the begging Wizrobe up there.

It’s a Patreon request and offer. I have the Bad Baddies tier for $15 up right now to get you something guaranteed each month for your donation. A bad doodle of a bad guy, just for you! Nobody else gets to see it but you, unless you show it off I guess? I mean it’s yours now you do what you want.

The reason for the fifteen dollar price point is well I want to do way more videos and that needs equipment. Don’t worry I got a functional set up as is but I could use a some essentials that aren’t cheap.

We do have a Discord and you will get a special role for the extra cost and so everyone knows you are a real Bad Baddie.

And hey even if you don’t join any tier it’s still nice to have you here.