So here we have BombKoopa drawn from memory expertly capturing his black shellness. Which is his only real visually defining trait. Poor guy has only shown up in one game in the franchise. Odd seeing as this specific series loves to just milk every penny out of every character they can. Even Toad has a game. Yet BombKoopa has never shared in any of the success his pilfered princess, Daisy, got. I don’t recall even seeing a shout out to him in Mario Maker or Mario Kart.

That’s it. That’s all we have of him. The notable difference here is that this Koopa doesn’t bounce around. He straight up explodes. Plus he won’t just walk off edges either, he ain’t no green koopa. This Bad Baddy is way under utilized in a series desperate for innovation. Not sure if I directly stated this but he comes from Super Mario Land on the Game Boy.

I don’t think he even made the commercial?! That’s just sad. Let’s show this forgotten baddy some love shall we? Let me see your Bombshell Koopa pics in the comments, or just tell me what you remember about this little charmer.