Okay so I have this habit of shoe horning games in a series as “Mario” games or “Final Fantasy” games. I know it’s a bad habit but in my defense I keep it rather loose. Like let’s take Final Fantasy. You can’t say it’s the crystals. Those only appear in about half of them, but you could say it needs a crystal or crystal like object that grants magical abilities or protection and they are at the core of the issue.

Sometimes they are extra big ass crystals. Other times not so much. You have materia and magicite which are crystalized corpses of magic having creatures. More soon the Magicite side of things Materia is more like magic coal, still dead bodies but more like a mass of dead magic and not one specific dead magic thing. Magicite was when you killed Espers.

Espers, Guardian Forces, Edoleons, or just good ol’ Summons whatever you want to call them Shiva and her friends usually show up some how. Technology and magic will blend in interesting ways in Final Fantasy titles even from the first game they had the most badass transportation device ever. The boat with massive propellers commonly called an airship.

These are just a few things that tie a Final Fantasy game to the series. We sadly are not here to list all the common Final Fantasy items. We are here to talk about Zelda. I know, I’m disappointed too. Now I’m not going to go all Egoraptor on you. He can do that himself if you got 30 minutes.

I have to say for the most part I agree. Obviously everyone has different tastes and I in no way am saying I dislike OoT. Rather I am upset that Nintendo is just dumping so much Breath of the Wild stuff everywhere right now. Don’t get me wrong I loved my time with Breath of the Wild. It was a great game. Was it Zelda? Kinda actually. You have to remember Zelda games used to be very different instalment to instalment. So that’s not the issue here.

That game was great. Saving Hyrule a few hundred years late using the legendary take blade and dressed like a heavy metal album art hero was absolutely amazing. The story was alright as well. It would have been better if it stopped there though. This game just came out mind you. Sure some say 3 years is awhile ago. Not in game development time. They already have a prequel coming out not even made by Nintendo, spoilers they are all gonna die. As well as a sequel coming soon that keeps us here in this awkward not Hyrule. It never felt like home for me. Which was rad the first time playing it. Since Link too was out of place and time. Discovering the tattered remains of the land he swore to protect. Just like close your eyes and think of Death Mountain.

Hell yeah, gorons in caves with bongos and it rules. Breath of the Wild kinda got that right. That’s about it.

Now I’m not saying every Zelda game needs to look the same. Hell about half of them are not even in Hyrule, or it’s underwater or whatever. What they did all share was the look of it. The buildings, enemies, environment, and just the feel was still there.

Then you have Breath of the Wild. It’s towns are vastly different in architecture as well as feel, and before you bring up the calamity they look pretty not destroyed to me.

Not saying that’s a bad looking town. I rather like it. Just that could be any game. Which is my biggest problem with Breath of the Wild is it could just be any game. It feels like a spiritual successor to Zelda. It’s like the YookaLaylay to Zelda’s Banjo Kazooie.

I could bring up the dungeons, or lack there of. The shrines, or abundance there of. Just that wouldn’t be fitting to this topic. I didn’t mind the change. The shrines replaced the smaller puzzle rooms of larger dungeons and gave very specific rewards that have a more lasting impact than just a key or a map. I found them rather enjoyable. My issue is the tone of the whole thing. The fact that Link is a silent protagonist and everyone just pretends he said something off screen. That was frustrating but since most of his friends were dead and his story beats were flash backs well he didn’t have to speak much. That and most his flash backs were of his friends being absolute douchebags to him so why would he speak to them.

Breath of the Wild 2 picks up right after part…

I know it hasn’t come out yet. I get that. Just look at Majora’s Mask. It was a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time, but it doesn’t lean on that at all. It is a full fledged Zelda game. One I don’t even like all that much if we are being honest. So this isn’t nostalgia talking. In the post OoT child part games Majora’s Mask, Oracle series, and Link’s Awakening you are just trying to prepare for the last half of OoT. You are out exploring and adventuring and doing hero stuff. It doesn’t matter what came before the moon started to fall. Or the seasons went all screwy. Or Doctor Who style time hijinks. Or getting into a beach coma. You still had a self contained adventure. So sure Breath of the Wild 2 might be that.I just hope they either don’t call it The Legend of Zelda or don’t call it Breath of the Wild 2. I mean it’s not The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Part 2 Majora’s Mask now is it? Again petty stuff and not the point.

My issue is before now Link could easily get by with some Yes/No text boxes. With the more narative focused story of Breath of the Wild it was getting harder to believe that was all that was going on.

With Zelda now in tow for the adventure you know there will be more dialogue. So hopefully Link gets to speak.

Well maybe not. We’ll see I suppose. I guess what I’m getting at is it’s a death by a thousand paper cuts. So many small changes made to the game that it doesn’t even look that much like Zelda anymore. The plot is drastically different. The magic is different. The tunic is not even green. The world is all glowy and robotic. I mean I could go on and on and honestly you already either agreed with me or not before starting this article. I just feel that if the game was called anything else and was presented as a new IP this much growth and dedication from Nintendo would be a thing to celebrate. Unfortunately it’s not. It’s a Zelda game, no it’s three Zelda games. Which now means this is what Zelda has to become. The new players won’t want a step back. Nintendo will assume if it doesn’t sell good we don’t want anymore Zelda games. I mean look at F-Zero there on the Gameboy Advance. They turned it into a story based mission race game and it sorta flopped. So we don’t get anymore F-Zero.

Ultimately Breath of the Wild is deep dish pizza. It’s pizza enough. You wouldn’t look at a deep dish pizza and say it’s not pizza based. Just you would never look at a pizza and say it’s deep dish based just thin. Breath of the Wild is Zelda enough. Which would have been fine for a one off. Making it into the new direction of the series is a different thing all together. That’s when I start to draw the line with what is acceptable to change in a game series. Without some structure binding it to the past titles it’s a Zelda game in name only. Names only? Maybe since it has the same set if names.

Look just the main difference between Pizza and Deep Dish Pizza is that one is called Deep Dish Pizza, the other is just frickin’ called Pizza.