There is a new He-Man series on Netflix. Now I won’t spoil to much so feel free to keep reading. Rather let’s clear the air about what this is. It’s a continuation, not a reboot, of He-Man. That said just having a working knowledge of Masters of the Universe is enough for this show. Which I assume you do. I mean you clicked on this article. So to get you up to speed. Prince Adam is a scrawny dork. A dork who knows the “Castles Secrets” which allow him to become He-Man! The strongest man in the universe. So what are these secrets? Well that is explained in this series. Why are they called Masters if the Universe? That’s answered as well. This revival could be more viewed as an addendum. The extra lore we always wondered about peppered ontop of what is shaping up to be a finale to the original He-Man story line. A story that breaks free from the limitations put on it’s predecessor.

Think of it like the Batman comics to the Joel Schumacher movies. More serious but still family friendly. I mean there is some body horror, some gore, and a whole lot of death so maybe not like, all ages. Still it’s definitely a more mature take on the world of Eternia. The biggest surprise was they kept the look and feel of the classic series and treated it matter of factly. It would have been so easy to lean into the campiness of the classic show. Instead they take the high road and leave the outfits, mannerisms, and world the same yet just giving them more serious stakes.

Picking up seemingly where the original left off. Atleast that’s how it felt to me not having watched He-Man in years anyway. We are faced with a rather interesting issue. An apocalyptic end to the whole universe that can only be offset by saving the last traces of magic left in Eternia. A short but gripping tale that leaves off on a satisfying but tense cliffhanger. If this is what Masters of the Universe can be I welcome it back with open arms. That said I’m realistic. Last time I got my hopes up like this was in 2011. Thundercats came back and it was wonderful. Not as solid as this new He-Man. Also it was a full on reboot. I can’t recall, but I want to say it actually took place on Thundara even. Not that it mattered. The powers that be cancelled it mid run. Still it’s on Hulu, what little of it was made.

But see Thundercats almost seemed embarrassed by it’s past. Trying to fix things they thought silly or out of place. He-Man Revelation embraces what it is. I would say it’s not for everyone, but again I’m pretty sure anyone that likes this site will enjoy it. The animation is top notch and with a voice talent buffet of greatness it’s perfect to just tune in and turn off your brain. Oh and well okay light spoilers here on out. There have been lots of people complaining about it not focusing on He-Man, well it does and it doesn’t. He is in plenty of flash backs throughout this mini season. Just there is a good reason he is gone. So with his sister on another planet being She-Ra, and everyone else being an old man, who else would be the show runner aside from Teela? She is what is needed for this narrative. One I say is fantastic, if not a little overdone. Technology slowly coming to overtake magic in a world where scientific advancements are seen as religious wonders. New cults about computers replace those about cauldrons. Zealously attacking the last hold outs of magic followers and causing no shortage of problems for our heroes yet not being the primary antagonist. In this case the biggest enemy is fear and self doubt. Apathy and growing cold to the needs of others. The near apocalyptic setting is delightfully uncomfortable. A world teetering on the rain slick precipice ready to fall into oblivion and with it take the whole universe down to a cold dry nothing. How can one still fight when they have nothing left to fight for? In a very special case, losing everything else made a certain someone extra badass. So I say check it out, here let the trailer speak for itself.