So I happened to stumble upon these at the store the other day. Not reading the package I assumed it was just one big ‘un. I was wrong. It’s four little clumps and four Toaster Strudel icing packets. So you uh…you know how they make chicken nuggets right? They take all the scraps left over and just shred them and press them together. Now imagine it’s not chicken joints and connecting flesh. No, instead think of all the little pastry crimps and caked dry fruit filling specks being repurposed.

Really looks like the promised Cinnamon Roll doesn’t it? Or does it look more like pop tart nuggets? Exactly. So before we backtrack to the packaging let’s just appreciate how you can clearly see the lines from where they might have been closing off some bigger pastry on only one nugget? Petal? Peel? I’m gonna go with petals for now.

I comes in 4 loose packs of quote cinnamon rolls unquote as well as those conjoined icing packs from Toaster Strudel boxes just 4 of them. Still atleast we know part of it will be delicious. It says 25 seconds and not to over heat the petal clump. Another lie though to be fair…

To be fair I find most microwave times have never been accurate. It takes atleast a minute or so. Could have used more if I’m being honest, but this is not a review on my attentiveness to microwave cooking times. So how did it turn out?

It felt like Monkey Bread, tasted like gritty sugar, and what I can only be described as “breakfast dough” texture. Despite the box’s depiction of red goo there was not so much as a hint of strawberry adjacent flavors in this flakey breakfast byproduct. At $5 a box I cannot recommend you give this a shot or it’s chocolate brother brownie option.

I didn’t grab a chocolate one, but I can’t imagine it would be too hard to make chocolate edible. Still chocolate PopTarts are not very chocolately and stay delicious. The tragedy here is the Grands brand Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls are pretty tasty. Just miles away from whatever this was. Then again Grands is a partnership with Cinnabon.

Cheaper but harder to cook and with a single larger cup of icing. I can understand being tempted to get these Heat and Eat microwave snacks. The serving size is alright, but honestly are you only going to eat one? If yes, then how about getting any other cinnamon based treat. Even a pack of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts would be a better bite to your calorie counting diet. If not, well remember how I said Monkey Bread? Just get some of that. Plus side there, also microwave friendly and super gooey.

Coming in at only a little over half the cost for way more food you gotta try it. $3.47 a loaf, or ring, or whatever you want to call it. I used to live off those in my days as third shift Electronics lead at Walmart and it will always hold an unhealthy place in my heart as well as in my viens because you can logically assume cholesterol is a key ingredient in microwave based dough.

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