To be fair, it cooked just fine. Only it had to be done one at a time. Not bad for a snack, but not the best for a gaming meal. You want to have your food all ready at once. That’s why the two at a time classic Hot Pocket was such a mainstay. Slightly messy and very dangerous on the roof of your mouth the Hot Pocketed meat pouch has kept itself as a post work fast fire up food when the game was doing it’s initial loading times. Nothing compares to that satisfying feeling of flopping down on the couch with a plate full of warm food and a soda while the game is loaded and ready to go. The thinner ones you could make a while mess at once.

So despite how well it cooked, one at a time is not going to cut it. Four minutes to cook them three minutes to sit in the microwave is basically saying “Eat one while you cook the second” so not particularly a gaming snack now huh? Oh and I didn’t wait the full three minutes, and let me tell you half my mouth is a blister. I mean this pocket was a juicy bomb of cheese and peppers. Now the main question is it as advertised?

It is pretty big and packed with protein. So I give it a pass on accuracy. It’s more than enough for a mid sized lunch. Just one of these gave me enough food to not even think about snacking for a few hours. So I’d say it’s good for a pregame fuel up. Not that spicy but your milage may vary. I mean I regularly eat things so spicy I regret it twice, if you catch my drift. Flavor wise? Not bad. Decent steak, passable peppers, flakey crust, cheese adjecent goop, and it didn’t explode as they are want to do.

Overall, not bad. It’s honestly these types of situations where the product isn’t good enough, or terrible enough, to really give me much to talk about. So I won’t be plugging the Patreon as it was a bit short. Though I did pick these up with the Patreon funding. I can fully recommend these guys though. Taste wise and filling amount it’s a good deal. Just maybe not as a couch time treat, but you have other times you eat. It would do well sometimes I am sure. I mean Hot Pockets have kinda gone out of vouge recently. It’s all frozen burritos and those little TGIFridays frozen appetizers. I guess just they got more affordable, or better quality maybe? Used to be you’d not even glance at frozen jalapeno poppers. Hot Pockets used to be king of frozen cuisine. Now they are just middle shelf after thoughts you might pick up on a whim. Hey atleast they are trying to be better.