Yeah I know the obvious thing is to say that low polygon art is the new pixel art, but honestly no it hits different. Like low poly art isn’t necessarily just trying to be nostalgic. Infact lots of 3D models back then was freakishly smooth and round.

That’s nostalgic there. That clay looking chonky CGI stuff. That I can see being a nostalgic choice, especially those that grew up on Jimmy Neutron. So what is it about low poly that gets me? I think it’s partly the fun in minimalist representations of iconic characters. Just that doesn’t handle original characters and even games like Anodyne 2. Those also just really, intrigue me.

That’s Anodyne 2 by the way. Looks cool huh? Honestly I used to really not think so. I used to always prefer sprite art graphics over polygon all the time. It wasn’t until we moved past it to these flawless graphics of today I started to appreciate the talent behind it. Like origami, sometimes it’s a stretch to see what they are after with some of the models. Other times it gets to Final Fantasy 7 levels of just going with it. Like sure, I can kinda go along with it.

It doesn’t take long adapt to a style. Everything in those worlds tends to be equally off-putting so it just begs the question of what was the intention behind it’s creation. Model to model and scene to scene. Even if we are being shown a flat image of a 3D scene everything in it still needs to serve it’s purpose of conveying a thought and atmosphere to the observer. So not only does the artist or team behind it create an emotive scene they also managed to do so with very limited resources. It’s pretty hard to not set a tone with high end graphics. Lights and sharp edges alone can make something spooky. Making something that sticks with the viewer using just a handful of triangles. Now that’s skill. I think that’s why we still see it so prevalent in indie games. Not because it is easy, but because it is hard. It’s the challenge of expressing an idea in a simpler more abstract medium. Huh? What am I going on about? I dunno, I want more low polygon stuff I guess. I mean voxel is fine those volumetric pixel style games and renders.

That stuff, but it’s not usually so shakey. Even when they added a Mario 64 themed outfit to Mario Odyssey it had to have more polygons just to look low poly correctly. So it’s not the limitations of the technology that we need to replicate, but the aesthetics it used to have as a necessity. I regret ignoring games that look like this for as long as I did. So the next time something catches your interest you should stick to you gut and go for it. Maybe find the charm in something you wouldn’t normally look twice at. Not just “bad graphics” or art direction. Maybe subject matter or genre. Branch out more and see what you can find. Think of this as a companion piece to the Netflix binge thing. Just more like PlayStation had some neat games and N64 was rad. Even if everything about Hexen 64 seemed stupid. I still had fun.

See it’s like some Doom but actually magic stuff kinda vibe. I’m gonna level with you. It looks stupid, controlled bad, and had a forgettable plot. By which I mean I forgot the plot. Something about a wizard, either you are the wizard or like he killed your family. It’s a big to-do for sure. While just running around a mess of corridors and seeing what’s going on in different rooms is basically it. It’s entertaining in a very sorta “Hey this is something not really discussed but used to be big” sorta way. Like old horror films or work out tapes. Just suddenly gone, while I’m sure many of new developers play that very game and decided good or bad to borrow the elements they liked from it into their current projects. Just enjoy something different. That would be where I’m going with this one. And not Marvel to DC different. No, try Marvel to Top Cow kinda different.

I dunno, looks neat. Some David Bowie looking flash girl. She looks in control of her powers, but like maybe she just doesn’t care about collateral damage? That’s enough to make me wanna check it out. I mean I probably won’t, but I would. Maybe you should. If ya happen to know if it’s any good hit me up here or on the discord. If it’s worth a once over, I’ll check it out.