In the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Ninety on November 1st one of the best video games ever was released. I was holding off on doing any Mega Man related articles until I toss down the Mega Buster Gauntlet Challenge of doing each game in order. That will still be coming don’t you worry. For now though let’s look at the one specific game that sold me for life on Mega Man.

That commercial would be all it would have taken if I was old enough to comprehend commercials or the written word at that age. Rather my Mega Man collection was a few games in a shoe box handed down from my mother to me once I was old enough to have a TV dragged from the curb in my room and the old blinky NES moved to my room as the living room had the SNES. There was a the first 4 in there. Yet I always grabbed this one.

His name was Rock, he had a black belt in karate. Working for the city he had to upgrade his body. Because he knew it would be demanding to defeat those evil machines. I knew he could do it, but no one else believed me. I remember trying every day after school to get a little further, try a little harder, and read a few Nintendo Power guides.

Nervously spinning the level select screen as I make my plans to farm 1-Ups and E Tanks to be able to press onwards and save the day. This game consumed me. It was easier than Mega Man 1. It controlled better than Mega Man 2. Also somehow it was more appealing than Mega Man 4. Not sure why, could have been the stages, the music, or just the Robot Masters themselves.

While checking the preview for this page I noticed it will post on November 2nd. I am assuming that has to do with where it’s hosted so that’s a thing. I guess I can take my time then as it’s already 9:17 PM and I was just gonna blast through this real quick to get it up before 10. Which is fitting as I was late to the game when I first fell in love with it.

There were snakes, cats, your jerk ass brother, and even the bosses from earlier Mega Man games in this one. It was a lot to take in as a child. The whole time the challenge was fair. Some of the raddest scenes in video games comes from Mega Man 3. Nothing like clearing a screen and getting a second to breath and sip your Pepsi as you just see this in glowing from the TV lighting your little gaming corner.

From a stage with music so awesome Capcom remixed it and hid it in another Mega Man game.

This game was a struggle. Yet it always kept me coming back. I would get just this overwhelming sense of joy when I could crush a stage in one or two lives no E Tank. Every run just a little better. I can see why some people stick with this mentality and become speed runners, but I lack the drive to shave time off my play style. I am about minimizing damage personally. So I find ways to farm items and stay 100%.

Mega Man 3 made it doable but not so easy as just buying them from a shop like later games. You had to look and learn as you jump over junk piles and avoid the most evil of all beasts, robot bees.

What we have here is a mile a minute thrill ride of constantly changing obstacles in a time when most games rarely changed tilesets. The vivid world it painted was just so captivating. Especially with the Speed Racer-esque brother villian helper friend stuff going on with Break Man. Also known as Proto Man who was never mentioned before so why was he hiding his identy?

That posing and whistling, jumping and shooting, such and such needs to just chill out. Like every other stage with this guy just trying to ruin my dang day. Which I guess is just older brothers for ya. So you beat him, a lot, as the game goes on. You take down the 8 evil Robot Masters. You push through the Wily Castle and take down a Turtle Printing robot in a whirl pool, the Yellow Devil, 3 Clones of yourself, all the Robot Masters again, select older Robot Masters from the first games, and finally you see him.

You smack down his crab walker like it ain’t no thang then wham an extra big ass robot shows up with a tiny head so you crush it… until a more fitting top drops down and with a snap you are in fight 3.

What you thought was a chest was actually a the primary head for Dr Willy’s one hit death spiked fist having super weapon. You are going on fumes, no E-tanks left, low on lives, and suffering from the previous 2 fights your hit points about to give out when you land that last blow. No longer a mega boy, you are a Mega Man. Not only did you finally beat that turd Wily, but you know that no other game will be able to hold you back. Yes there are harder games out there, but you used to not be able to beat this one.

They also released it on Sega Genesis just sayin’ it’s good.