An organized bargain bin is still a collection of over produced undersold garbage. That’s Netflix. Not just Netflix really, that’s just media nowadays. It used to be you could sidestep garbage unless you specifically wanted something a little worse. I mean I love a McDouble as much as the next guy. So Samurai Cop is no different. Just now it’s as if everything you have available is just tossed into heaps. So you want to watch something new. It also has to be completed so you don’t get invested and have to wait. English language is a plus. So where do you start? Netflix usually, if your me anyway, and so it begins. A wall of things you already seen and auto playing trailers causing a sense of urgency not to find something to watch, but to decide on skipping before the forced trailer takes over the screen. You keep flipping and flipping as the recommendations are just the same things in your watch never, er watch later list. So you peek down at the genres. Gritty War Time Romance, 90s Cooking Shows, Big Action Cowboy?! Okay they are clearly just messing with me at this point.

Oh shit wait! This is Amazon Prime Video… I honestly barely noticed. All it needs is a pointless + added and it could be anything else. As I keep desperately searching the Hulu Originals for anything I could… hold on, Hulu Originals? I thought I was on CBS All Access I… don’t have CBS anymore it’s Paramount Plus? Same shows though, same billing price… that’s fine I guess. I won’t be long until Mandalorian season 3 I think. Jeez who even watches half these shows? I mean I have seen these titles over and over every day as I flip past never stopping. I’ll glance a description or two and just get frustrated. Literally thousands of shows available on demand.

Now it’s been an hour. My free time is running out on my day off and I am still looking. Decision fatigue starts to settle in and I just pick something that sounds interesting. Now it has all these expectation to live up too. Ones it never had a chance to meet even if it was one of the best shows ever made. No lie, I switched off Breaking Bad twice before finally giving it a real shot. So I tend to just slink back to an old favorite or maybe a show I never finished growing up. Those extra choices just get in the way. Used to be you could tell Netflix to not display certain series ever again. That’s gone. I still have to look through shows so bland that they just make you want to give up and play some video games. Good thing you can just download any game you want from any store front so let’s check out that eShop or Steam or PSN whatever it is I don’t care I just want to do something fun and TV ain’t doing it.

Oh good, it’s the same thing. Terrible cash grabs and some honest attempts but no skill to back it up. Just flooding the store fronts and making find anything worth while a painfully slow process. So why not just check reviews? I hear you say. Well I like to go in blind for starters. Reviews have their place. I mean it’s what I do here. Just here I try to just give an honest take on things either over looked or over hyped. Not just new things to dive into. To many choices is terrible. It makes you constantly second guess and never really appreciate what you finally settled on. So how do we fix this? Only focus on what’s in front of you. Take it out in one shot, one punch, no second guessing.

Act as if what you are looking at might be your only option. Read the boiler plate summary and ask look at the screenshots of trailer if you make it that far. Then make your call. Don’t look back and don’t give up quickly. If it’s a show, give it 2 hours. If it’s a game give it until you atleast got your money’s worth from it. It will probably be awful. Just take that into account next time. Ask yourself why you didn’t want to continue. Use it as a chance to learn more about yourself and what you like. It’s easy to forget that not everything is made for us. Growing up you were constantly exposed to things you didn’t like. Made you really appreciate those moments of having control over the big TV in the living room huh? So give up a little bit of what you want to not only save time but to better enjoy what you come across when it’s surprisingly good. Hey or not, you do you.