I’m not going to call it Jurassic World, it’s always been Jurassic Park. Pedantic, sure, just like come on it’s Jurassic Park. That said, the dinosaurs are over the mainland now. Like a big ol’ Jurassic Planet or something similar. It’s a full on shame they busted that world but early as far as titles go. Because Jurassic World was the second theme park. Best I can tell this movie doesn’t take place there at all. It’s the evil company Dennis Nedry was working for. When he put the dinosaur goo in the shaving cream can.

Well they made some big immortal locusts that don’t eat wheat grown from seeds made by this company. This is the A plot of the movie. I mean it’s a plot in this movie. It’s kinda like when a story starts on Star Trek The Next Generation, then a similar story started on Deep Space Nine, and finally next week they do a cross over and finish up both shows together.

Okay look, I just search Chris Pratt Jurassic World and it’s mostly variations of that pose. Like from all three movies. So instead of a funny picture just have that amusing anecdote. So he and his girlfriend took the clone girl and the raptor to live in Alaska. They have their own adventure with the same company kidnapping the clone girl, for medical reasons. So I am avoiding spoilers, don’t worry. Anyway when Grant and company go to the bad company they have dinosaurs with feathers because they are all about totally not making genetic mutations because that is what criminals would do. Ya know like that one friend you have that claims to not know what 4Chan is everytime someone brings it up.

So that is cool, for one finding a way to bring in scientifically accurate dinosaurs, as of 2022 anyway, plus giving a smoke screen for the company to have plausible deniability of these genetic nightmare bugs. It even got to a point where I felt Chris Pratt’s whole dinosaur cockfighting plot was going to go in the big list of “Shit That Shouldn’t Be In Movies” along side the human characters wedding in Sonic 2 and the gambling planet scene from Star Wars Episode 8. Only it isn’t so bad. Like once Grant and blonde lady ran into the clone girl I felt Chris Pratt had no reason to even show up. Like it seemed as if the clone girl was just going to be saved by Grant. That is until the movie just immediately started a new movie. The reason I don’t feel like I have given away that bad of spoilers is at this point the movie actually got good. Before this I was ready to write off the whole thing as any other sequel. Which I never particularly enjoyed any Jurassic Park sequel to date. To me I just was there for the dinosaurs. Jurassic World Domination actually made me care about these characters again. I’m fully onboard with even a TV series just about life in this new Jurassic Planet we live in. I want to say they did a pilot or something a few years back for that. Where dinosaurs attacked a campsite. I’m ready for a dinosaur take over just like the 90s. Gimme some anime, video games, and obviously a new movie every few years.

It might have taken them almost 30 years to get there, but they made it a living world ready to have unique plot points that aren’t just dinosaurs go nuts and wreck a place. The big bug plot is kinda lazy and plays out in a convoluted mess for sure. Still it uses the special technologies and aspects of this world to create an interesting new crisis. Sure they tried that with the weaponized dinosaurs in Jurassic Park 5. Only this plot felt less silly while being way less plausible. I say go out and catch this movie once it’s streaming or on Blu-ray. Theatrically? God no it’s almost three hours. So when I say “go out” I mean make it a night. Go to a friend’s place or at the least go get some good food and bring it home. It’s special enough. I feel it deserves to be experienced not just watched on a whim. Is it a good movie? Not particularly. That is not it’s fault. Jurassic Park was so good I doubt any other dinosaurs in modern day movie will feel like a true masterpiece of filmmaking. Only this particular dinosaur movie gives you all the yay dinosaurs action you want while keeping you engaged enough to not fiddle with your phone.