It’s fine. I guess. Like I can’t exactly nitpick it apart because well it’s so bad it’s good. It’s literally a higher budget B movie. The whole time I was watching it I was just reminded of those old fantasy movies from the 90s or early 2000s. Think Dragon Heart or Merlin, or I dunno In the Name of the King any of those types of movies. Is that in itself a problem most of the time? Not to me, but when you are coming off of ya know 6 of the best looking movies ever made. You need to bring your A game. You suit up and you better ride hard.

See here is the thing about legacy series’ histories. If you want the name recognition you gotta take the comparisons to the earlier works. It’s the fee you pay for not wanting to force out something original. I mean I get it. I wouldn’t have watched this show if it wasn’t Lord of the Rings. That’s also the only reason I’m going to finish it. The writing here feels like EverQuest and the show looks like when they make a fake fantasy show for a sitcom as an excuse to bully some nerd. Honestly it’s every bit as dry and awful as you would expect a soulless cash grab fantasy film to be. The direct to DVD knockoff film they shove next to cash registers to trick idiots or grandparents would he ave been better.

I mean I’d rather watch that movie, but if I told you one of the two series had a meteor man wizard fall from the sky. Would you think it’s Lord of the Rings or Age of Hobbits? What if I show you?

Yeah, still can’t tell can ya? It’s that new LotR series. It had the wizard fall from space. Now I’m not an expert on the Rings. So maybe that’s Tolkien’s idea. I just know if I would have seen that in any if the previous movies or books I wouldn’t have the respect I have now for Peter Jackson. Hell even the old cartoons were not that damn goofy. Now I know I sound negative, and trust me it’s just because the show sucks. Now that doesn’t mean it won’t have good moments, or that it can’t build into something better later. Just I call things as I see ’em. This new series was only enjoyable because I was talking to friends over Discord about it the whole time. Mostly about how piss poor the acting was. Stiff and unsure speech, looking at cameras and background elements, oh and era inappropriate hair cuts. Each scene has something to rip on. It’s a great show to just kick back with friends and catch up with each other. That way when someone is talking about mutual friends you don’t care for or some game you haven’t played you got something else to focus on. Odds are if you are going to watch it, you will either way. So nothing I can add outside of suggesting you gather yourself a fellowship of your own to adventure through this mess. Someone with a good appreciation of tge lore, someone who loves bad movies, and someone with an axe.

It does make the new Game of Thrones acting seem way better. I know that is an odd thing to bring up in an unrelated review, but hear me out. Sonethimes you need to eat McDonald’s to appreciate Five Guys. If you constantly surround yourself with only perfectly crafted movies and carefully curated TV selections it’s easy to grow accustomed to quality. The hard work and finely honed skills stop seeming to be something to be praised and instead becomes the bar you measure everything else against. That’s the first step to becoming an absolutely unbearable film snob. So if you watch it, try to enjoy it. You probably won’t, but you should still try.

If I learned anything from Star Trek The Next Generation it’s that a show can have the absolute worst first season and by the time it’s over still be one of the best shows I have ever watched. Star Trek TNG tried way to hard to be the old Kirk series. It didn’t let the show open up and be itself. Tell it’s own story in it’s own way. It would be unfair to judge it as a whole on just a few episodes, but it’s completely fair to say season one sucks so far and I’m not expecting better. Then again the whole point of LotR is small unassuming things can change the world no matter how simple the start.