Reader beware, your in for a scare. Because this new Muppets special is frightfully dull. I am a huge Muppets fan. Which is how you know the next bit is going to be uh, less than favorable. That said no reason to be rude. The fault here completely falls on marketing. They kept playing it up as the next great Muppet movie. It most definitely was not. It wasn’t even a good special to be completely honest. It felt like a decent enough skit. The constant fourth wall breaks felt very much like the original Muppets Show. Still everything other aspect of it just felt more like an 8n park advertisment for the Disney World ride. Something the Muppets are no stranger to.

I could comment on the fact Kermit sounds very different than I expected. That or bring up how under utilized the main Muppet cast was. Then again it’s a lot of fourth wall breaking jokes that don’t fit the tone because it’s not a stage production like The Muppet Show was. I could forgive all that honestly. I even would overlook the rapid fire guest appearances that unlike the classic Muppets tend to hang around a bit to long. The worst part is the narrative was at conflict with itself. They show all the Muppets besides Gonzo and Pepe are at a big party. Gonzo is going to a missing Magician’s house that he idolized. The movie then reuses all the Muppets in new roles as ghosts, in the haunted mansion. Yet they stillake references towards the show and often mention the animatronics. It just seems like either an advertisement for or a reminder of the ride. I have no live for Disney World. Never went before, we had a much more affordable option based on Paramount films nearby. Even if we didn’t I doubt I’d spend that much money for a trip to Disney World. The only thing magical about going there is how much disposable money all those people have.

Oh I know. Ain’t no way in hell I am gonna mess with that level of crazy. You Disney World cultists do you. I spend more money on bad video game remakes and rereleases than is considered healthy by even the most generous interpretations. The amount of money I spent on Final Fantasy rereleases alone could be signs pointing to me requiring conservatorship. Just like if you are making a movie to promote your ride, be upfront about it. There is a difference between a movie based on a ride.

Or a movie made to sell a ride. I was gonna put like another picture here of the other Haunted Mansion movie but I didn’t feel that would be fair because I skipped that one. Which you might think is a set up for me saying oh I wish I skipped this one too. Nah, I enjoyed it enough. It was a pleasant enough 40 minutes. It was just tossed onto Da Plus so it was basically free. I mean I was gonna stay subscribed anyway. Mainly I’m upset that Disney made me no longer trust the Muppets anymore. I would have preferred it being bad honestly. Atleast then I could be upset. Instead of just incredibly disappointed. It’s not like Disney World needed more advertising anyway. Sure it’s the 50th anniversary of the massive waste of money, but they didn’t brand it as such. I’ll probably try my best to forget it exists, but knowing Disney they will shove it back out every October. Well with it’s short running time I was left with a hole in my schedule. I decided hey why not keep the disappointment running.

That’s right a new series of My Little Pony had a movie on Netflix. Which built upon the old show. Established a timeline. And actually tells an amusing story with a decent message. Sure it dragged on in the middle and the end was anticlimactic. It’s a kid show. That’s not a bad thing, rather it feels like those random stand one Warner Bros animated movies. Like with the Storks, probably called Storks, it tells a story while using each character to teach little lessons if it happens to resonates with the audience. Was it a good movie? I mean yeah kinda. I was surprised by it’s heart and charm. It got a few laughs from me. I might not be their target audience, but I still left it satisfied. The show I wanted to watch failed me on almost every level. The show I was going to avoid was a pleasant little distraction. It just goes to show how it can still pay off to just try something new. Even in a series you wrote off. No one franchise is always going to stay what you want. So then no series would stay something you hate. We got a lot of options now so let’s try some out.