This is the second My Hero Academia game to hit the Google Play Store in recent months. The last one was alright but a little ambitious for a phone title. This game however hits the right spot for me. Now understandably lots of people disregard mobile games. With the incredibly limited quality control and rampant knock off cash grab apps that just blitzkrieg you with ads for Raid Shadow Legends or some other much higher quality game. Still it’s important to remember there were, are, and can be some solid games out there. This is what one of them looks like.

Yes at first glance it looks as bad as the rest. Which is important to keep in mind. This game has every reason to be terrible. It’s core game mechanic is that of a gacha system. Named after Japanese quarter machines that cost like 3 bux and give you a fist sized ball with an anime girl or robot part in it. I always thought of it like trading card packs.

Just ya know, intangible things you don’t actually own. Just a computer somewhere says you do. So yeah it’s as worthless as an NFT really. Just unlike NFTs these are free to cheap and you get something random. Not a specific known MSPaint monkey. This title is a 5 man turn based RPG set up. Using characters and memories to round out the teams. So basically you click on recruit. Then pick 1 or 10 draws at a time based on what you have available, with the more simultaneous draws the better the odds.

Then you get a little animation as the RNG does it’s thing based on a drop list, the transaction is logged to your account and bam.

You see either a character or a scene from the anime. The scenes work like equipment. Unique stats and abilities that benefit certain classes or types or genders better. Pretty standard stuff honestly.

Duplicate memories can be added to each other to make them stronger. Where as duplicate characters become little badge things you can trade in for upgrade items or other characters.

You also have some idle game mechanics that just happen while you aren’t playing. A base you decorate and fill with characters constantly generates you goodies as well as timed deployment missions for more stuff. Nothing fancy but fun enough.

So what about the meat and potatoes of the game? It’s all in the Quests menu section. Story mode, Daily Missions, PVP team battles, Super Hard specialty training fights, and easy little money quest are just clumped together here.

There is enough there for about two weeks of dedicated play before you hit a wall. During this time you’ll be getting tons of those gems you can use to make some pulls for characters and cards. As well as more than enough items and money to upgrade your characters and the gear equiped to them. It even has an optional extra long mission based tutorial on the side that not only teaches you everything about the game well into your second week, but provides you the items to “awaken” one UR character of your choice from what you had when you started. Basically tripling their strength and skills.

Battles are turn based, can be automated for the most part, and sped up. Certain actions like calling in a friend to help once per fight has to be manually done. Then certain specials can be tapped at the right time during the animation to boost their abilities. As well as chained together for even bigger multipliers. It is hell trying to find the one character you specifically want.

Just not so frustrating as to take away from the fun of seeing what you got from your pulls. Tossing a team together, and maybe finding a new appreciation for some random wind girl. Please don’t feel the need to spend money on these games. Unless you specifically want to, and you set a spending budget. Think of it like an arcade machine. You can pop in a hundred quarters and still never beat it. That’s okay though if you have fun. I was planning to review this game when it dropped. Just kinda forgot to stop playing it long enough to write anything out. So here ya go. My full and final thoughts on it.

It’s an incredibly fun, if flawed, retelling of the anime up to the end of the Yakuza arc. With incredibly dull side missions and PVP that will only appeal to try hards and whales. Whales being people who dump tons of money into a casino. They payout more than they win and as such they basically pay for the other people’s small jackpots. The unbalanced pay to win pvp is a reward for those pay for everyone else to pay for free. That and with luck, planing, and efficient resource management you can easily place high enough in the PVP to get good rewards, just not enough to be listed as Captain Tor Coolguy with his max level ultra rare team of perfected paired characters. Which is fine. It’s been a pleasant as I’m cooking and before bed game. That said I’ll probably be walking away from it soon as there isn’t much left for me to do without waiting for days or buying some character drops. So as a video game it’s a solid 2/5 nothing I’d pay for but I glad I played it. As a mobile game it’s 4/5 because it’s about what I expect for a free RPG, without any ads in sight.