Here we have one of the first gaming snacks many of us ever had. These innocuous little cookies are often left unattended with children. So simple and sweet you could just toss a box to a kid, give him a SNES controller, and just leave ’em alone until dinner. There is something comforting about these little sugar pucks. Even as a kid, when I had no grounds to, they felt nostalgic.

A timeless snack that is okay on it’s own. I mean they aren’t the best. Though where they shine is it’s a cookie that’s dippable like a chip. Peanut butter, various puddings, marshmallow fluff, chocolate syrup, milk, and ya know most anything sweet really. So you have options. It’s relatively mess free so no worries of control contamination and keyboard runking. Not to overpowering a flavor means you can focus on what you are doing more than say the one two punch of chocolate and cream Oreo. Yet it still seems like an outlier to the game snacking mainstays. Which, to me, only makes it better. It could be your thing. Something that becomes an in joke with you and your friends, or streaming audience if you got one. Plus well just look.

Pokemon Nilla minis in 130 calorie packs. Eat garbage like a kid, but sensibly like an adult. Stay fresh packs that help stretch out the snacking by days. Because I don’t know about you but the second I get a stale cookie that box is emptied that night. Being an Ohio based snack eater the humidity will destroy a box of cookies fast. Now you can put the snacks in those gallon zipper bags and back in the box. Though that is also what a crazy person does.

A few different designs keep ya guessing what you will pull out and the fact it’s Nintendo well that sets the mood. When picking a game snack two things are the biggest factors. Personal experience and the general atmosphere it brings. Nobody is gonna get in some Mario Bros while eating a bowl full of almond halves. Well maybe some do, but I don’t think we share enough crossover to have them reading this site. That and it’s kinda hard to portion out some snacks. Nilla Wafers are fine from bowl or box. That might not seem so important at first but the ease of eating or sharing is very important. If it’s an RPG it doesn’t matter do much. Splatoon well you gotta go bowl.

Which should also be considering the controller. Keyboard and mouse better bowl it up. Wiimote and nunchuck again bowl there too. If it’s a complicated two hand set up that you can’t just southpaw for a bit get out the bowl. Company or streaming while you game? Trust me get a damn bowl nobody wants to hear you crumpling up that bag over and over. So how about you branch out. Get yourself a special snack one just for gaming and separate from your day to day picks. For me I’m gonna dip out for some Wario Ware and Nilla Wafers.