Okay you saw the video, you know what it’s about. Even if you didn’t, like it’s whatever that’s what I’m here for right? Because I care about you, and want to shelter you from Nintendo fans. Because honestly it doesn’t matter the quality here 90% of the online talk around Nintendo is either obnoxious obvious gushing about how good it is, or nit-picky complaints that just border on a child throwing a tantrum. Sometimes it’s a blue puppet screaming about cost to value ratios, and I wish I was making that up, but it’s a thing I can say that isn’t entirely untrue. So what is the NSO Expansion Pack exactly? It’s a price increase to the online games service to offset Nintendo’s expenses to run and maintain gaming and data storage servers. That’s it. In order to make the five bux they want from you they toss in seventy five dollars of games and free DLC. Yeah it’s a decent bit of a price hike, but any game not made by Nintendo, costs Nintendo money to include. Money you can be damn sure they aren’t going to front. So it falls onto the gamer to buy the games as a bundle. Even if you don’t want some if them. Now I would go into the included games, but more are coming soon. So let’s just assume you watched that video I put up there. I mean I didn’t, I picked it up. There is some Animal Crossing DLC which in itself is basically a whole game. I mean it was before, on the 3DS.

That one. It was okay, still costs $20. The DLC alone would be $25. It’s tossed into the expansion pack so other DLC might be tossed in as well maybe? Who knows, doesn’t matter. If you don’t want it, it doesn’t count towards if the expansion pack is worth it. Also don’t buy the pack for possible future free DLC. If you spent money, then it isn’t free. But one get one is really buy two at half price. Ya feel me? Good, moving on. You know the NES and SNES apps from Nintendo Online? Well they are adding N64 and Sega Genesis. With built in online multiplayer. Which work well for me, but apparently nobody else. So I won’t say it’s good, but I wasn’t expecting it to. What games are in them? Enough, I mean I’m enjoying them. Why did you even ask, you didn’t watch that trailer up top did you? Well that’s on you. Are they perfect? No, not really. Are they playable though? For me yes. Emulation is tricky. Go ahead and try getting N64 to run on a laptop as powerful as a Switch and I am certain you will see it’s not so easy. Nintendo did a fine enough job. The controls are kinda screwy, but again play it on a PC with an xBox controller and tell me it’s better. If it is, hey congratulations you saved money. You got all the N64 games for free. So the largest complaints come from two types of people. The first are people who want console specific perfection and don’t understand how emulators work. They are not wrong for being upset, but these are the same people hooting at Taco Bell employees for finding one errant tomato on the mass produced taco they paid a dollar thirty two for from the kid who probably is paid so little that they wouldn’t be able to buy a taco full price without budgeting it in. So those people will be those people regardless of what they spent money on. The second ones are Speedrunners. You know the types.

Not saying they are wrong. They just have different needs and a wrong definition of fun. So both types have legitimate grievances with the quality that they received. Also they both should have known better. I went in expecting the games to be playable. Which they are. These games were made for the main demographic of people buying these emulation packs. People who just want more games to play. That and kids who never tried them before. The Sega games are all already available and more in the Genesis Collection which I also own on the Switch. Does that upset me? A little, sure. Well not all of them. It also has Castlevania Bloodlines that game rules. Hard as hell too, so thank god for save states and rewind. So that’s it, it’s not mandatory at all. If you didn’t buy it, you can still use the standard online plan. If you did, well turn off auto renew and next year select the standard plan again. I can’t say it will be worth it later. I don’t know what other games are coming. I don’t know if they are going to improve it’s performance. As far as online? Well it’s based on you and everyone else in the game. Most people don’t optimize their connection. So even if you are hardwired to the modem with your ports open and ready to go your opponent is probably playing handheld across the house using wifi and I promise you they have like every device in their house connected and in standby mode the whole time. So yes Nintendo has poor online infrastructure, but that’s not the real issue here. Should you get it? I dunno, you want it? You got the money? Then go ahead. It’s like two orders from Pizza Hut and only comes up twice a year. I cancelled PlayStation Plus which costs more and gives out games I never cared about because I didn’t like it. I’d do the same to Nintendo. I expect that from everyone else. If you hate it, and still feel you need to buy it. Well that’s addiction bud. In that case you have bigger issues than if it has input lag or rollback netcode.

Like what you like. I believe the term is vote with your wallet. Not buying something is the only way to tell a company how you feel. They don’t care about your biting tweet to their PR person who spends all day making family safe memes and pushing ads to your social media accounts. Me though? I care. Let me know how you feel about it. I care even more if you give me money. I still listen if ya don’t. That said if you are in a position to and want to help us grow maybe toss some money out way. If not you can still join our Discord and tell me everything you feel about NSO Expansion Pack or anything else. What I’m getting at is find a place to discuss these things where people care. Screaming into the void that is Twitter or pretty much every gaming discord I have found will only make you more upset. So uh, here’s that Patreon link.


Honestly that’s about all there is to say about it. The Expansion Pack does not, nor did it promise, better online connections. For now anyway. If you want something negative to prove I’m not some Nintendo fanboy, fine. Why the hell do I still have to pay $5 a year for my Pokemon storage app? That should be included as well, but it’s not. So end of the day I just wanted a functional casual Nintendo 64 games library on my Switch so I don’t have to hook up an N64 to a CRT or boot up my Pi4 just to play Mario 64. It’s a convenience. If you don’t think you would enjoy it then wait. If you can’t wait, then I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t then hopefully you get your money’s worth parroting all the other arguments online. You never really know if you will like it until you play it for yourself, and as long as you got something out of it does it even fucking matter? Video games are about the experience. Sometimes that experience is telling others how much you didn’t like it. You shouldn’t care if it doesn’t do something you didn’t need or want in the first place. More importantly you shouldn’t care if someone has a different opinion on quality than you as long as you enjoy what you do, and dislike what you don’t. If you are dead set on telling others they are enjoying their emulators wrong. Well I’m sure you didn’t make it this far anyway so just like find some fun way to mess with that guy.