Be it random weekly sales or big events like Steam Summer Sales or Black Friday games do get discounted. So the question is should you wait? Is it a good idea to hold off on making that purchase just to save a few bux? Well honestly, not really, now here me out. I love talking about video games. Something I can’t do if you are waiting. Namely because of spoilers.

But Haro, I don’t mind spoilers. Some of you may say. That’s fine, and honestly good on you for being open to conversation about things you haven’t experienced. That said I would then have to explain everything up to the point I want to discuss as well as all tertiary elements surrounding the topic and why it’s worth discussing. By the time I get there I probably won’t want to talk about it anymore. That or you will have way to many questions about parts that might not even exist. Things like other characters actions who already left the party or game mechanics not even included. It’s not usually worth it. Alternatively most people freak out about it and try and shut down any conversation even close to that new game. Completely halting all Zelda talk until you get Hyrule Warriors 2: The Legend of Calamity Ganon. Those people, it’s on you. There are lots of games I want I can’t afford. If they come up just ghost the conversation. Don’t pull a potty party about being poor, nobody cares.

The other point is when you finally do buy that game you were holding out for nobody else will want to talk about it. Why no, I do not want to talk about Bendy and the Ink Machine. I don’t care if you are just now playing it. The discrepancy in shared information is way to vast. It wouldn’t be so much a conversation as an episode of Game Theory where in I tell you the uncovered lore we all dug up while you were waiting. I’m not saying buy every game full price and on launch day. Just if you know you want it, or if it’s been a few weeks and hype is growing hard, then maybe pick it up. Nothing is worse than moving on to a new game or series and everyone is having fun until you show up like.

I still have friends just now playing Undertale for the first time. It’s a good enough game, definitely worth talking about. Just I’m all talked out on it. I don’t really see myself revisiting it anytime soon and well, I don’t care. That’s the main thing. People will be polite but they won’t really be interested in your take on things. Odds are they have long made an acceptable headcanon for whatever it is you finally got into. You will be fundamentally depriving yourself most of the experience by holding off. Not to mention you have no idea if or when it would even drop on sale. So you might as well get it.

Now there is a use for sales. Try something new. Get a game you never heard of. Find something new or neat. Buying something like Skyrim or Final Fantasy on sale seems a bit off unless you are rebuying a game on a new system, or perhaps buying a game your ex owns that you never thought you would need. Like Hollow Knight for example. I skipped it when it came out and picked it up on sale. It absolutely sucked, but no real money lost. Then again 20XX was something I thought I wouldn’t enjoy. I snagged it for like 75% off and honestly it’s alright. Much like discounted snacks at the store it’s low risk with a possible large reward. Get out there and try something new this holiday season. Ultimately it’s your money, use it when you need it.

Whatever is left, spend on what ya want. Or just wait for the Game of the Year edition with all the DLC tacked on for only a third the price. That’s your best option.