Now that, that is no more ramen than this is spaghetti.

So are we on the same page? Good because what we have here today is a very odd middle ground. I have picked up some frozen ramen from Japan to try. because I’ve had some sit down ramen before. That stuff is a whole different league than cup noodle and instant lunch style ramen. Spaghetti is rather different in that regard. Cheap spaghetti tastes so different from good spaghetti. From noodle to sauce and even how it’s plated. No one confuses these two.

So why is it that ramen is always just thought of as the instant kind? I mean anytime you see it in a show they don’t shy away from either. Cup Noodles and sit down both get the love. It’s a common treat and has so many options available it’s almost impossible to hate. They all have their charms but this isn’t about all ramen types. This is about frozen ramen.

Now I couldn’t wait to get this in my belly. I was so looking forward to ramen with eggs and pork and cabbage and leaks and just all the fixings. It make my mouth water just thinking about it. Only that is not what was here. This was basically just sauce and noodles. So why is it frozen? I mean honestly, like why bother freezing it at all? Well it’s kinda odd to explain quickly but you know the brick ramen. Also the ones in the cup? Those are flash fried. It’s a history going back to post World War 2 Japan and it’s food rationing. Just those shelf stable ramen noodles are flash fried. For about 1 to 2 minutes taking the moisture down to only 3%. These frozen noodles haven’t had that treatment.

They might not have come with all their fixin’s but the quality of the noodles was top notch. A silky smooth texture. Very slippery and bouncy in a sauce that can only be described as high efficiency noodle lube. This “Oriental” flavor was equally salty, fishy, and dripping with pork. It managed to be sticky and slippery at the same time. Almost like the texture of raw eggs whipped to a peak. Boiling only took 1 minute according to the back of the package, but habits are hard to break so I went for three.

Now there is no reason I couldn’t have put in all those extras. Well aside from the fact I am not reviewing my ability to add a bunch of eggs and green onions to a bowl of noodles. I review what you get from the store when you get it. So frozen ramen is… incredibly okay. I’ve had worse. I’ve had better. Both as instants. So can I recommend it? Well the noodles themselves are way above average. The sauce is very unique. Honestly nothing to write home about. For just storage and convenience reasons I say go with the shelf stable fried kind. If you don’t mind taking the extra time to prepare the extra goodies to drop in and want a more traditional bowl then I can completely back this product. That isn’t to say that you can’t make the 35 cent kind an amazing treat. More it’s about the atmosphere. The packaging and the journey of those noodles from Japan to your freezer adds a little something extra. A treat for you to feel a little connection to some shows or games you have spent way to many hours in. For me it was shoyu ramen a favorite of many anime characters. None more than Naruto.

I might not have gotten my fried pork rolls, eggs, nori, fish cake, or any of the special bits that one expects. The noodles still gave me a faint memories of the last time I had some down in the Dayton ramen house. That alone makes it worth the effort to pick up the frozen ramen. Just it tastes lacking on it’s own. Unbalanced and incomplete with what comes in the package. This isn’t really an instant lunch option, but with some prep work and a little planning you could have a solid date night dinner. Or anime night comfort food, for those lacking the prerequisite partner for a date night. Just for my money, I’ll stick with styrofoam.

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