So I saw they finally finished the animated Blazing Saddles. That I forgot all about. Just like Michael Cera actually. So yes there is this whole thing about the 2017 version which a lot of reviewers like to talk about. That or they already did years ago. If you are curious look it up. I’d suggest Rebel Taxi, on the grounds he made his video years ago so it’s information won’t be muddied with the movie we actually have. I can understand the objections people might have had with the original. Just when I hear Nickelodeon Studios and Mel Brooks in the same sentence I gotta know what’s going on.

Not to even remotely disappointing is they basically lifted Blazing Saddles beat by beat. So if you are an adult with kids, you’ll get an extra chuckle from “The Samurai is a dog!” as well as the rest of the classic bits. I had almost as much fun connecting the references and characters as I did with the movie itself. Which honestly they took the chance to fill with plenty of it’s own jokes and visual gags. Changing the setting to Japan and the age demographic to kids and family was a solid choice.

I’m being serious for starters a movie like Blazing Saddles would never be made today. Yet this movie holds the theme and message of the original pretty well. It isn’t like Zootopia. There isn’t one big moment where they learn “Racism am bad” and everyone forgives each other in 90 minutes. Yeah the villagers learn they were bigots, but that never was the point. They will have to slowly come to terms with themselves and hopefully become better people over the years to come not a few hours. The movie is, at it’s heart, a tale about a man the world gave up on helping a man who gave up on the world. The plot is to stop the evil rich jerk who wants to get rid of the town by any means necessary. Also there is a big strong guy who switches sides because those who know pain, like our two protagonists, know how much good a little kindness can do.

That sums up both films, and honestly lends itself well to a family film. Where as Blazing Saddles was a master class in letting you sit on a joke. Paws of Fury is good at rapid paced gags. Joke after joke after joke. So even if only one in three land your still laughing. Now I could keep this up but if you already saw Blazing Saddles well you have already made up your mind on if you want to check this out so how about instead we compare it to something else.

That’s right Po I’m targeting you. Kung Fu Panda is a movie everyone is so quick to fawn over. Which is fine. It was a good enough movie about not judging someone based of off what they look like, but to see them for the strength of their character. Oh wait, no worries I won’t compare them on the message and subtext, but rather just what they are. Which I will now point out mostly negatives of Kung Fu Panda not just because it helps my argument, but because there are some very heavy negatives that most reviewers are so fast to overlook. The bulk of the characters barely interact until the last third of the movie. The main villian is just a weak excuse for a big bad. Not to mention that although the characters do have charm they have awful chemistry. Paws of Fury has likeable characters too, a plot that feels more real than Kung Fu Panda, and a different bag of negatives that inany ways make it a less enjoyable movie. To some people. It will just go full on toon physics and fourth wall break which are good for a quick chuckle, but ultimately take me a bit out of the movie. Then again you can say that about a lot of Mel Brooks movies can’t ya?

So is Paws of Fury an instant classic? God no, no, not at all. Blazing Saddles is, and I am sure many kids will discover that gem from this film. I personally only watched a 1970s western because it had Willy Wonka in it. So let’s stop pretending we can still review movies today like we used to. Before it was always about money. If you wanted to be sure you could watch a movie you had to buy it on physical media. Even rental places would sell off old stock. Nowadays most movies are designed to run in a theater then fall onto a streaming service. This gives people way more power of choice when watching a movie. I personally would say go catch it in theaters. That or snag a Blu Ray next time you are shopping at Walmart. It’s easily still worth a purchase if you like animated comedy movies. If you don’t it will still find it’s audience on demand. So in the end I’m saying give it a chance. Don’t judge it based on it’s appearance. Give it a chance to show you what it is. Judge it based on how you felt about it. If not, take the same comb you used to pick apart this film and rake it over something like Shrek. It’s what I do and in this case when looking for something bad to say about this film so many reviewers are slamming well…

I haven’t found anything worse here than I can point out in most stand alone animated family films. What we have is just a nice little slice of when children shows used to parody movies. It is exactly what I expected from hearing Nickelodeon Blazing Saddles. So for what it is and what I feel it was trying to deliver, this movie is alright. Overall rating would be 3/5, but my personal rating is 4/5. Then again I never cared for Shrek so what do I know?