Yes Pepsi but sad. That’s the blue I taste here. Pure unadulterated sadness. It’s a mild hint of berry and a big punch of cotton candy bubblegum. With a dash of Pepsi tossed in. It wasn’t good back in the 90s and it’s not great now. What it is, is different. That’s why you should try it. Just a switch up from the norm. Even in it’s wilder days it was an interesting twist.

With a boss ass 90s tribal logo and my favorite Pepsi globe this is what I remember. What I remember is not liking it. That and a sense of wonderment. A berry flavored Pepsi?! Back in the 90s there was a lack of wide spread availability to unique flavored sodas. Mostly just your deluxe brown flavor, clear and tart, orange and smooth, and ofcourse cherry options for all of them. Just every so often something new would pop up.

These blink and you’ll miss it tastes just litter my memory. Not just Pepsi, but I really like looking at Pepsi logos. Honestly there is no shortage of odd and mysterious soda flavors nowadays. Though know what they aren’t? Pepsi, the big boys themselves. It’s always a little more special when a big name company takes a risk. I would say it never works out, but Pepsi Max is fairly new. Not to mention it lived through two cancelations and a rebranding. So who knows the Blue might be here to stay. Eitherway it’s worth a quick sip atleast. If I had to give it a flavor profile… melted blue snow cone with a dash of Pepsi and Sprite. You can do a lot worse than a few cans of these. If nothing else it’s something to talk about. Which we all can use now that we spent the last year just sitting inside.

My final score is 3 out of 5. Surprisingly average and incredibly forgettable a perfect drink when you want to focus more on your snack.I say buy it once. Get a week supply.