No Coke, Pepsi! I like trying new sodas I love trying new Pepsi. Not going to pretend they are all good. Not gonna say most even. It’s hit or miss so we got two new flavors. If even one is good we beat the split. So how will this go down? First they are up against the legacy of Pepsi Max, Pepsi Zero Sugar. Secondly the then are against every other soda in creation. Let’s do this!

Boom! Cherry, specifically Black Cherry Soda, Pepsi is already fighting a losing battle. I hate cherry sodas. Long story but unless there is an actual cherry in something I probably won’t like it. I would go into the smell, but that’s nothing special. Cherry, duh. The taste, hot damn! I love it. It’s like a can of melted jello. I was expecting Pepsi plus cherry, but not this one it’s full on cherry something. Sour and sweet with an almost nostalgic kick I highly recommend this drink regardless on your feels towards cherry and cherry adjacent flavors.

Cream Soda, the not quiet rootbeer we all overlook. This one does not let me down. You know those cola bottle gummies? Those but turned into a real boy. I mean soda, or soda boy? Anyway it’s a great softly sweet drink. I could see myself buying this in 20oz bottles anytime I see it. It’s not ground breaking by any means, but how many regularly available cream sodas can you name? That are sold cold as well as widely acceptable. Thought so. Hopefully this brings cream soda back to the forefront of soda trends. The terrible reign of vanilla colas are to come to an end. Never really cared for vanilla added to soda. It just makes me want a cream soda. With the first thoughts out of the way it’s time for the test.

Two Sips, Max won both times. Well Zero Sugar won to be a bit more accurate. The Black Cherry hits hard and is fantastic, but a bit to sweet for me to just casually pick it up and drink. It’s something I gotta plan out. When I want it nothing else would come close, but day to day Pepsi Zero wins out.

The cream almost reigned supreme. If it wasn’t for the 39g of sugar in each can I might just have swapped. Like I said it will be my go to, on the go brew. Just I don’t really think 300gs of sugar a day would be easy to work into my diet. So Zero wins again it seems.

I still say it would be worth checking either of these two sodas out. I mean I didn’t even know they were coming out. I was completely blindsided. One of those happy little surprises that sneak up on you.