I wasn’t planning on doing a Pepsi review any time soon. Though I completely forgot Pepsi Nitro was a thing. Which doesn’t matter, everyone will forget it’s a thing soon enough. Not that it isn’t good. Spoilers it’s Pepsi. Tastes alright. So what is Nitro Brewed Pepsi?

Who knows? Something to do with Guinness beer. All I know is it has nitrogen or something in it. So why not? It was a bit of a heat wave so I cracked a vanilla one open in the car. Store temperature did it no favors. Not that it needed any. Tastes like a melted root beer barrel. Just that sound when I opened it made me think I did it wrong. I’d put it as “if the devil sat on his ballsack” just a low annoyed growl. Warm and silken it was like having bubbly coffee creamer. An uncomfortable level thick was always pushing at my throat. Which I can’t fault Pepsi for, I was drinking it wrong. You are supposed to chill the can, open it, and pour it upside down.

So I withheld judgement for the time and let them chill. I grabbed a stein and just dumped out the Pepsi with reckless abandon. It was incredibly satisfying. The most frustrating part of classic colas is how daintily you have to pour them. So we already have a big plus going on. Now for taste, I am unsure if I just conditioned myself to taste root beer. If I did and you haven’t tried it yet, then I got to you too. So you’ll taste a strong root beer vibe even from the regular cola flavored one. Normally that would be disappointing. Just the fullness of body here is impressive. Thick and soft, yet goes down easy. Being ice cold, it made me think of the melted ice cream from the sides of the container. Now I had to retry the vanilla. Being chilled made it somehow taste sweeter. Like to a crazy degree. Almost elevating it to those fancy bottle sodas you see as a novelty drink option in most places. By now the root beer was in full effect and the taste was becoming homogeneous. Troublingly enough I couldn’t recall what tasted different about the non vanilla.

So I went right onto can 4. Third in a row. By now my stomach was starting to feel heavy. It was worth it as it shown exactly how sweet the vanilla was. The classic one does something to honestly innovate the cola game. The taste was familiar yet new, the texture was smooth, and when I went back to my normal Pepsi Max it tasted so watery. So why do I think it won’t stick around? Well it’s costly for starters. It’s design is sleek but looks like 90s fake future product kinda sleek. They really should have just named it Pepsi Perfect.

Branding it as Pepsi Nitro means they were going for a select market. That being those who know what the hell Nitro brewing is. These people have other nitro options, and probably prefer those over a soda. The rest of us will grow numb to it’s novelty soon enough. If rolled out as a new product. With branding and design and the whole deal with the nitro aspect as a part of it, but not it’s selling point. Let me learn to love it on its own. Unfortunately after drinking so many of them back to back my stomach is very upset. Not Sonic G Fuel upset, but more if a it used to hurt and now it feels numb. Am I worried? Nah, probably just the thickness and the gas. Just I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s uncomfortable with a bit of a burpy issue. I’d be interested in the future to see what Pepsi or other companies do with a nitro cola. I definitely say try it. Just until it gets twelve packed and set on the normal price point I see it fading away. Like Pepsi Summer Blast I assume it will be an “Oooooh yeah, I liked that!” Kinda memory when some YouTuber buys a ten year old can off eBay in 2032. I can’t recommend it as a go to couch snack, but I could see it for a treat or special occasion. Just what kind of night would such an odd drink merit? I’d say maybe something with race cars for the nitro branding. That or like a Mega Man X marathon. It’s the next generation of Pepsi. If I was told in the 90s this is what Pepsi would be in 2022 I’d believe it.