We all think we know pizza rolls. Sure you’ve had them, probably lately, but did you appreciate them? For one, it’s an egg roll. No lie, that she’ll is an egg roll she’ll crimped like a dumpling. As frozen foods, especially frozen Chinese food, was having a massive boom the 60s and 70s. So it was a no brainer to mix the most popular quick meal with the hot new trend. One that would take the best of both parents and become a food in and of itself.

That’s an understatement really. There are so many flavors and they all come and go so fast it’s crazy how many of them I honestly miss. Not just Totino’s mind you. Store brand varieties can also be rather good. The Meijer’s brand buffalo chicken rolls were the best. Tangy and tart with a very vinegar forward sauce. I still haven’t found anything quite like it. The. You also have to consider cooking options. Oven, Microwave, deepfry, air fry, or even skillet stir fry there are a ton of options. So pick your desired level of crispy crunch and have at it.

I’m a 2 to 3 kinda guy. I like a snap not so much a crunch. Makes it perfect for dipping. Sour Cream, nacho cheese, or garlic butter with parmesan I’ve done each of those. They aren’t needed but it feels so wrong to dip down a greasy pocket of cheese into more cheese. You can do what you like really. I mean they are a snack. Not a meal. Just like how you can eat a whole bag of chips instead of dinner you can eat a full bag of pizza rolls. Just don’t lie to yourself that it’s healthier than it is. Which that’s okay. Pizza Rolls never was about health anyway. It’s about a tasty treat from your past or a new greasy finger food while you kick back and take in some couch time. A good plate of snacks is the difference between playing video games and a game night. It can help make a solo Netflix and chill night seem better. Just wash your hands after.

Not to mention the Sonic Mania mod by Silvagunner. That is also a great reason to fire up some Totino’s tonight. It’s easy to overlook these little guys but honestly they are the best pizza and gaming option you have. Poppable and easy to grab you can just blindly munch as you play. No fumbling with edges or knuckling some magma hot cheese. Just a tasty treat when you need it. It’s an odd little snack for sure. The shell never tastes like it’s supposed to be a part of the equation. Like when you dip normal chips instead of wavy ones or Fritos. Ya know how your brain just says “there is chips and also dip in my mouth” not chips and dip? That sorta vibe. I know plenty of people stick with Tombstone Pizza as their go to nostalgic snack meal. I do too often, but when I think of pizza rolls I am more reminded of being an early teenager and just tossing them in the microwave. Expertly mind you.

The pizza roll is a snack that grew up with you. One you had as kid and embraced as teen. Nostalgia doesn’t have to be just your childhood. It can be anything that makes you happy and wistful. Those PS2 nights full of soggy microwaved Totino’s or the to poor to afford food meals when I had my own place for the first time. They are a different type of comfort food. One that hits a little softer. Plus it’s not as set in stone as a frozen pizza or bowl of cereal. They can be mixed up how you like. You can mix it into your current life style. Either some healthy ones, or like make it fancy by melting cheese over them as soon as they get out of the deep fryer. However you want. Experiment around and make them your new thing.