Before we dive into individual games here on PiP let’s talk the two perfect mascots. You know who they are, hell you feel like you know them specifically. With little to no words they told you everything you needed to know. Mario, so kind and forgiving he still invites Bowser to parties and sporting events. Sonic, so laid back he couldn’t care less what Eggman is up to as long as it isn’t hurting the animals. Not often do we see a misstep from… Okay shut it, I know, we all know just drop it. The bulk of Sonic games are atleast enjoyable okay.

Right, sorry about that. So why do I say these two are perfect? It’s simple really. They equally represent their brands while managing to stay separate from them. Mario is family friendly and charming. He is like your fun uncle. Sonic is chill and carefree with a cool but cheesy personality that makes you just want him to like you. He is the cool kid in the friend group from high school that still keeps in touch but never asks you to hang out or help him move. They can fit into almost any game genre and you won’t be surprised.

Sonic the Hedgehog RPG? Sure! Mario with a gun?! Why the hell not? These characters are like a stand in for playing games with a friend. They can provide you a level of comfort and stability that just eases you into whatever is being presented. Comics, parodies, movies, and anything else you will atleast enjoy how bad it is if it’s terrible. Their iconic designs coupled with the legacy they stand for instantly brings some weight to even the smallest cameos.

Even the bad versions of them have merit. Sonic Boom and Super Mario Super Show are two fantastic shows. Given first you need to suspend your expectations. Unlike say Link, from the Zelda series, who lacks any really stability. No single version of Link builds on the others. Likewise he doesn’t suffer from the bad ones. Just it keeps Link nebulous and unknown. A good character sure, but a mascot for a company or development team? Nah, not at all. Link isn’t even the mascot for his series. I’d argue that it’s the triforce or a fairy. So that’s the ground work for PiP. To be perfect something doesn’t have to be everything for everyone. That’s pizza, nothing else is pizza. Lots of people don’t like Sonic. My old best friend, and fellow beverage named man Juice, absolutely despised the Sonic series. Game Grumps YouTube famous guy Egoraptor is another person who would just as soon not play anything Sonic. I could probably find someone who does not like Mario, but I’d just as well not meet a person that objectively wrong. Yet they never disliked Sonic. Juice even used him often in Super Smash Bros to that fact. You don’t need to like his games to like Sonic. So a perfect game has to be one that does what it’s intended purpose is.

Getting Over It is a game designed to mock difficult games while also pointing out the rewarding feeling of overcoming those games. It does that in spades. That’s the metric we will use in future installments just which title comes first? Probably something super let’s be honest here.