The Roller is a fine example of making a robot to do something you have seen to be rather effective in completing a task that you can’t easily do yourself. In this case it’s to roll fast and smash. I don’t think this specific robot would be as useful in a non super sonic hedgehog extermination task honestly. I do find it’s speed and durability a big plus. Things not often seen in the autonomous badniks made by Dr Ivo Robotnick. Outside of his less mass produced models like the Hard Boiled Heavies. Interesting to see how early such a robot showed up in his ranks. Anyway back to the armadillo.

Now I have to take points away in form. I used to think it was a chicken when I was a kid. If it’s design is to be an armadillo, and it is designed to fight a spiky hedgehog, why not have layered plates?! It’s smooth body might be good at times, but having expandable plates could add so much more functionality to this bot. Better control of movement and speed. Higher destruction capabilities. Cooler looking. Yet even in the Mk. II’s revised design it maintains it’s horned ball aesthetic.

There is something to say in it’s simplicity. Such a minimalistic design could easily be cranked out while staying both menacing and personable with it’s anthropomorphic features. Not to mention it’s adaptability due to the limbs and the possibility to modify or customize them. Overall a decent robot, and one I can recommend for any robot based minion division.