What are we all about? Is that what you want to know? Because that’s an easy one. We here at Action Couch Life are about living the best life you can from your couch.

We know your down time is limited. All so often we focus to much on what we could do or should have done on our days off we don’t end up doing anything.

Go ahead boot up Netflix and find something to watch that you actually want to sit back and enjoy in less than 30 mins. I’d say go ahead and do it I’ll wait, but that Isn’t gonna happen because well I don’t want to hang around for half an hour for you to come back in defeat.

It’s okay though, it’s not your fault. It’s just how things are now between social media and spoilers warnings everywhere. It feels like everyone else has seen everything else, or played all the games out plus those annoying hacks they keep trying to push at you. So where to start? Well right here actually. We will give you reviews and run downs on shows, games, foods, and anything else to help you prepare for your derriere down time.

We hope to grow an awesome community of fellow Couch Cronies here so hop into the comments and let us know your thoughts and suggestions as we keep moving forward.

Hopefully soon the YouTube channel will pick up steam, but until then we have a few good streamers we like to push.

If you want to chat more well we have a Patreon and Discord. 100% of Patreon Support goes to the site and YouTube so if you feel inclined please feel free to help out.

We appreciate anything and everything but most importantly we appreciate you just