And I mean it. This guy freaks me out. Before I go grab some pics let me sketch him from memory.

Dr Gene Splicer from Tiny Toons Adventures on the NES. I can’t fully explain why, but I can say it’s been that way as long as I can remember.

Sure the fight’s easy enough. Though I had to grab it elsewhere. I’m not kidding that fight to this day gives me a straight up anxiety attack. The way he looks, the way he moves, that room, that music, and a childhood of fear just set upon me. I get nervous. I start having shallow breaths. I just don’t like doing it. He isn’t even that hard by boss standards all around not just Tiny Toons. Also all the bosses use that music. Especially the werewolf.

Wolf-Man there uses to scare me as a kid as well, but I grew out of it. Not sure why I could get over him but not Dr Splicer? Could be because I learned werewolves suck ass. Seriously they are no threat, well beyond that of say a fast bear? A bear with weaknesses including but not limited to frickin’ weeds. Infact here is all the bosses in that game.

Dr Splicer isn’t that special all things considered so why, WHY, does he still just skeeve me out? I used to watch the show religiously but I don’t really remember him from there at all. Even when looking at pictures I just get vague glimpses of him. I can’t even recall his voice.

My mind makes him sound like Tim Curry. I am gonna go fact check that as Curry was in a lot of WB cartoons.

Jeff Altman huh, never really heard of him but he was in Night Court and that show is pretty rad. So is it his skateboard? I used to skateboard, so I doubt it’s that. Could be that he looks like Mother Brain in suit. Not that Mother Brain, that Mother Brain.

Which would explain the Tim Curry voice. That said I am not even a little phased by Mother Brain not with a more prominent nightmare featured in almost every episode.

That being anything from Mega Man, up to and including the “Blue Bomber” himself.

Because when I think Mega Man I think green troll everytime. So really who can say why Gene Splicer gives me the Jibblies? Fear is an odd thing really. Especially as I am not a particularly fearful person. I was afraid of the dark for an unusually long time but I assume that has to do with eye surgeries and stuff. Perhaps that could be the real reason. Some long forgotten school day when I was home because of my eyes I might have played Tiny Toons. The pain and the medication plus those visuals might have formed some connection that I don’t understand. I’d like to know yours if you are up to sharing and have a spooky October full of childhood fears and seasonal beers age restrictions permitting.