What started as a simple test of my ability to capture GameCube footage turned into an existential crisis of conflicting desires as soon as the GameCube logo yelled at me. I loved this game. I got it at a local game shop where I used to help out after my day job at a gas station down the street, Game Junkie. Now back when this game came out it was sudden and huge for about 6 months. Those six months were awesome though.

So… Cubivore was going to be a full on Action Couch Review initially. Those are the longer more serious reviews and eventually full YouTube episode. It would be glorious and far off and I was fine with that. Of course the Gameboy core was not getting any video capture despite a desperate need to play Yacht. So I went to check if GameCube could capture correctly and I needed a game I was familiar with was my excuse, but I loaded up Cubivore. I played just the first area and my memory came flooding back like I touched a damn Death Note.

I remembered the little blindbox figures I had. I remembered all my late nights ripping off limbs. I remembered selling it for way more than I bought it for and learned one can feel regret upon getting 500 bux.

This game was, no is, surreal and somehow restrained. I like to think it’s close to pikmin in that regard. You never question it. Well not much, the leaf bug wallet kinda pulls me out when I first see it.

To be fair I don’t know how else they could have pulled it off and stayed on point with everything else in this quirky little baby step in an growing genre. It handles things like the mutations, breeding, and most of the stats or progression elements in really awkward ways. Either by limitations or approachability or something they made it feel very game-y. Something I didn’t notice at the time though now it’s hard to overlook. Especially when games like Tokyo Jungle handled it so much better. Oh don’t worry when I get a capture card that game is getting revisited. The games have a similar enough approach in get the most food to be the buffest of boys and get the hottest of whatever species you are to pass down your genes to make an even more impressive example of how to eat real good. Those new little bundles of joy will set off on their own murder quest to grow and breed aimlessly as you want to become the greatest life form to ever exist. Also I remember Tokyo Jungle had Cavebusiness Men so definitely check that out. It goes really deep down the odd path of surrealism. Cubivore stays on the different side. It’s oddities are more the whole world structure. Fittingly enough much like Minecraft. The blocky appearance is used not as a limitation like say Mario 64. Rather an artistic choice that just happened to be easier on the processor for what was going on.

It’s just speculation mind you, but just look at those odd animals. All cubes and slabs and so dang adorable. You start as just a simple pig cube with a tail flap and as you grow you adapt. Now the little slabs are not all equal. The bosses usually have power meat (I forget what it’s called) and some fancy looking animals have dark meat which as far as I remember just helps you get fancier layouts for your limbs.

I can’t recommend this game enough and I won’t dive deeper into the review right now because I plan to make a full Review at some point. rather I’d like to just remember a time when bigger companies still took risks and you didn’t have to look for indie titles for charm and wonderlust. The GameCube has a fair amount good titles that isn’t even up for debate. Just more often than not, this gem gets forgotten and that is an absolute shame. I must admit I was ready to do a deeper review right away but I got involved with a group of Do Crimers and need to do crime.