So this just hit me today so I just had to get this out there. All the TVs are the same now, well aside from the curve one you always talk about buying and yet never do. Which was the biggest thing about gaming at your friend’s house as a kid. The whole thing was an experience. Not just the colors and calibration mind you, but the curve and frame as well. I have seen lots of TVs playing Mario 3 and I definitely have a favorite. It was the Battle Station at Game Junkie that had my dang ol’ name on the board. That TV had the bluest of blues. The curve was almost to pronounced. It just made the game pop! Like the old saying goes “Everything looks better through a fish eye lense” just this was convex instead.

gonna smash this TV like it’s our subscribe button

TVs were so different that people used to just replace them almost as often as a smart phone. Every other year almost you bought, found, or was given a new TV. Yeah just given. Somebody you knew was getting one or found one outside. Those free-range TVs were the best. Even if they didn’t work, you could smash ’em with a bat. Now that’s 90’s to me. Figuring out how a TV works by smashing the ever loving hell out of it.

I found a TV just like that one day when I was like 12. Dragged that thing on its corner down the sidewalk until giving it the ol’ banister ramp up the stairs to my apartment. All the way back to my room and tossed it beside my bed on the floor. Now here is the great part, I put my bedroom TV ontop of that one!

Floor TVs were so rad. A big chunky barely working second second screen that let you play Nintendo and watch cartoons. Though this is a bit off topic so back on track.

Everyone likes to claim gamer credit by playing “on hardware” with a CRT TV, but that’s only 2/3rds the way there. I find it as annoying as 4K and frame rate counting with modern set ups. Just because it’s there doesn’t make it better. So yes, get a CRT TV, but you will need a few. I had a TV that just worked better for Sega. I had a TV as late as the Wii that couldn’t play Twilight Princess because it cut off the Hit Point Hearts. See most CRTs don’t have vertical and horizontal control, or if they do I never found the knobs on most.

There was just something about the him of a warm CRT and those scan lines are just however you spell out that air kissing sound out in text. Though it was your TV that was magical. Not just a CRT but a childhood. Not saying younger gamers can’t have that. Whatever CRT they find at Goodwill or the Flea Market will be just as special to them. TVs are like girl friends, I’ve had about just as many and they lasted longer as I got older. It’s hard to pick a favorite, they each did things for me the others didn’t. Some just didn’t work out from the start, but I do miss each of them in their own way. Yes even that Grey Sanyo that sucked at pretty much every video game.

I found one on LetGo, it was free, nobody took it. Seriously that looks spot on the TV I had last before I got my first Flat Screen which I still call a Monitor. Because face it, that’s what they are. New slim TVs are no more a TV than your iPhone is a telephone. The new TVs are sleeker and more feature packed and in almost everyway better. That TV is now regulated to the technological retirement home we call skeuomorphism. That being the fancy term for when an element in a graphic interface is based on an antiquated item or technology.

you could fit about 5 Sailor Moon pictures, not that I would know

This is not a bad fate for any piece of technology, but I want it to have the full treatment. Let’s stop just thinking of them as old TVs. You would think a 💾 Floppy Disk is just an old hard drive now would you? But it really was. It put the D in DOS. So how about a little respect for our large blocky friend? He was a TV that was a shelf for a newer TV. Plus like ceramic geese. My Ma’maw had them all over. Geese that is. Also TVs, even had one on the back closet for when she had to many guests in like Thanksgiving.

The whole experience from screwing in systems to manually flipping channel after channel is just gone now. The smell of a TV was something else as well. Like a decade of farts and roasted tiny bugs everytime you shimmied behind it while it was on. To the bold blocky interface that was usually green.

There was a whole world of different TVs out there and I’d like to know yours. Time to get a little weepy eyed as we talk about the best TV. The most vivid color the brightest screen or possibly the first one you had total control over. Hit up our Discord or jump down to the comments and let those memories fly.