So that is the one thing that never comes up to often when talking about games. I mean hell it’s almost the opposite of what we talk about here in everyway to be honest. What it’s like to game while being constantly interrupted by the most terrible thing of all obligations.

It’s not like the cats are always actively against you. Usually when they are it’s atleast cute, or you can lock the room off from them and have some me time if you are that type of person. What I’m talking about is the a danger to themselves and other types of interruptions. It actually has some benefits, believe it or not, that get overlooked. For example in Battletoads there in the video. Every time I paused there was sounds I needed to investigate or stop, because well have a look.

This ordinarily wouldn’t be a problem but you see Starbomb, the bobtail bully, just got out of surgery and needs to be babied so his incisions can heal up. He loves his lil’ sis, but also needs to point out the pecking order. That and even though fixed he is still a bit humpy. So basically my every waking moment is focused on my cats not getting hurt. Which although annoying I think we can find some good out of it. For starters it seems to help my focus greatly with games like Battletoads. The time I spend away from the TV helps me to figure out what I did, what I might do, and what’s killing me. Not to mention that trying to remember what was going on when I came back helped me way more than I thought when going back down that tunnel. That’s not to say it’s all good. Take the speeder bike part for example. Pausing and getting up just completely destroyed my rhythm and timing. As well as the no time to pause emergencies that just drain lives.

It has ups and downs but it’s not all bad. So try to not dwell on the distractions rather think about how great it feels to unpause that game.

Share some of your distracted gaming tips down below or just tell me about BattleToads. I wanted to do this about BattleToads.