No video here today. That would require playing that game again. Something I refuse to do. I hear all the unmerited praise about this incredibly average game. I hear all the counter arguments to my basic observations. More than any of those I hear this one.

I assure you, I get it. It’s not that hard, it’s not a question of needing to be better at the game. Infact the game was pretty boring. As in not interesting and tedious. I beat a few bosses, explored a few areas, and made the biggest mistake anyone can make. I talked to video game fans online.

This review isn’t so much about Hollow Knight. It’s more about Hollow Knight fans. Which in the larger scope of things is most fandoms. I had a very specific list of observations on Hollow Knight.

First the game has a story. You wander into an abandoned town above a very much not abandoned dungeon reverse tower labyrinth sorta deal. Every character wants to tell you who they are and what they are up to, but who are you? Why is the Hollow Knight even there? The biggest answer I got was “Does it matter?”

Freakin’ what?! Yes, yes it matters. Why am I arbitrarily murdering a lot of other bugs. If every other character is given motivation and reason behind their choices ofcourse I would like to know mine. Sure you don’t always need to know what the justification is behind why Bomberman bombs.

That is largely because no one else is explaining themselves. Although the game does elaborate he is a slave escaping and something something he becomes a real boy. Link must save the princess. Mario is going to lend the princess a hand in the Mushroom Land. Cole McGrath got like accidentally super powered and his life falls apart. Hollow Knight is apparently a random jerk with a rusty nail. Sure they might explain it later, but with no connection to what was going on I felt no reason to move forward. No one wanted to talk about his motivations or even why it’s important or jarringly missing. Instead it was a wall of chest thumping and posturing. So I brought up my second issue.

It starts out with bombastic visuals. Even the normal attack slash looks like a Bleach special attack.

When your starting attack is that. How do things scale up? Where is my feeling of growth and accomplishment? It was more a question about visual aesthetics and how will they reflect the growth of the character and instead they instantly jump into the world’s art style. Which I do appreciate. It’s why the flashy attacks are so jarring. They don’t fit in with the darker somber tones of the Tim Burton-esque world they set it in. Which obviously had to be responded to with maximum levels of armchair critic rage. Sure we do that here, but more a couch atm critic. Laid back and casual. Honestly I could go on about this. There are lots of moments where I tried very hard to enjoy this game. Just silly me, method of enjoying things is discussing what is going on. Getting other’s opinions and broadening my own. I guess I’m wrong.

If you are upfront and actively agressive with the other opinion having to be wrong well you don’t “win” the argument you just end the discussion. I’m a SA Goon so I constantly have to put up with replies along the lines of me saying “Oh hey that sounds interesting I’d like to get more from you about your take on this” and them going “Why should I, I won the argument”

First of I don’t recall ever starting an argument. Secondly I have loads of free time and a near infinite amount of bullshit I can toss out. I treat arguments like battles of attrition. I’ll hunker down and ride this out if I’m having an argument. That said, there is only one argument worth having in video games. Are mobile games, as in phone games, video games. That is the only time I can see getting into a stubborn tussle.

The main point I am trying to make here is maybe just treat people with different opinions than you in video games like they actually have something interesting to say. You don’t have to agree with them, but maybe don’t directly go after their views by flipping their words. Games are pretty rad and very diverse. So lots of people will like so many different games. I’ve found a few if my favorite shows and some of the best games from people telling me why my views were ungrounded. Unfortunately I have been known to make rash decisions and will let my disinterest reflect on the overall quality of something. So I am just saying next time someone dislikes a game hear ’em out. I am not saying we need to be all buggy and positive, but maybe not just give into churlish negative shit talking all the time. Anymore so many people seem to hate every game they buy. So why even play games if all you want to do is complain about them? Most games have something to them. A little nugget of fun to be shifted out of the litter tray. Look for that more often. Hey or don’t it’s your money and your free time. I just don’t see anything really worth playing in Hollow Knight anymore. The game is mediocre but controls alright. I can say it’s well worth it’s price. Just if you buy it you better love it, or not talk about it.

You can here though, or over at our Discord. We here at Action Couch Life are trying to make a community of game and hobby enthusiasts who can disagree and still get along. That’s the main reason I even made this article because if you made it to here then you atleast hear people out. That’s a start. Action Couch Life has one main rule. One going way back to those who might know my other communities from awhile ago.