Seriously like, what’s up with him? Is a koopa? I mean he’s just sat in the back of the castle like Sloth from the Goonies. Now he’s just pretty chill until you get into his personal bubble. Then he just flips about, and God help you if you touch him.

He just like, starts flying like it ain’t no thing. Secondly he is a boss, like the Koopalings, he even looks like Roy.

But he has a solid carapace? I think that is what you call it anyway. Roy has a separate shell. Boom Boom has spikes that pop out when he bends over. So like? I mean well he seems sorta not all there, um… genetically. To be politically correct about it. What’s the phrase? Ya know like a fool, kinda sick, special needs? Anyways, I just don’t feel right smackin’ him up a bit.

I just hope he is there willingly. At the least I hope he knows what is going on. Poor grunting pinhead. Do you think he is cognisant of how bad he has it? Or is it just a blur of emotions and color blended over his basic urges to eat and smash whatever comes near. What I’m getting at is I haven’t seen him portrayed in anyways that instills confidence in his mental fortitude. It wasn’t so obvious at first but lately, well just take a look at it. It’s something to keep in mind. Especially since Boom Boom’s are typically in non essential castles. One Mario could logically skip. So maybe just slide on by given the chance. Atleast until you do more research on him. Or not, hey you do you.