Now one thing that never gets old is your first fandom. I have liked a lot of things, and liked them a lot more than was healthy. Tiny Toons, Mighty Max, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and ofcourse like everyone else born around the Game Boy era Pokemon though none as strong or as lasting as Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.

Just Mighty Morphin to be honest. I watched lots of hen… er Sentai shows and way way waaaaay to much Gundam. I kept a casual interest in all things karate spandex but not much outside of YouTube and Wiki surfing. So imagine my surprise when I saw there was a better Power Rangers game than the garbage I had growing up. No I’m not playing that one, I’m not the Angry Video Game Nerd. Instead I am playing Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition.

First thoughts was it looks fantastic. The visuals are big and loud. Which is very fitting given the source material. The sprite work is fairly limited in it’s animation hanging on stiff frames more than I’m used to, but it kinda works. It gives everything that slow motion super move kinda vibe. A vibe that meshes very well with the music.

The music is not the best I have heard in a Power Rangers game, heck it’s pretty mediocre by most 16 bit standards. Hard and slapping bass with synth guitars, enough said on that.

The roster of fighters are made up mainly of Megazords. Which hey! That’s not a bad thing at all. I would have liked more Zords or more monsters the selection available is uncomfortable. You spend over half the story mode fighting inside the command center because that is the default stage for all the zords.

Admittedly I have no clue when or why this exists in the plot of Power Rangers. It has the Thunder Zords and up so it’s late Mighty Morphin’ obviously. Points for Zedd and Goldar as default fighters, but Lipsticker and Silver Spikers? I think their name was. I barely remember Miss Lipstick but she is a female character so she gets a pass. Silver Lumps is still pretty cool. I mean as much as the green eyeball guy is in Marvel Vs Capcom. What confuses me was Ivan Ooze being in it?! As well as looking badass! I remember the movie version, ya know the one that looks like Mel Brooks.

So I got nothing. If it was from the movie trust me the would have let us know. They were not shy of slapping the silver “The Movie” logo on everything they could.

The gameplay was pretty floaty which again kinda works for the series. The show always had a floaty sped up look to the fights in my memory anyway. As for the moves, well just do every Street Fighter move you can remember and you will be fine. I didn’t have to much trouble until Goldar, who was the midboss here, so plenty of time to get acclimated to your character.

Which is made easier by the fact that story mode is just 2 characters to choose from. In multiplayer you get 8 characters plus one hidden. So you won’t get a lot of play out of this even with some couch co-op. Looking at maybe an hour tops so work it into a themed night. Perhaps play it while waiting for some pizza to get delivered then switch over to watching the show. It would make a good addition to any fighting game night since there is nothing really bad with the game.

You don’t really need a snack here with this game but maybe a nice healthy Juice Smoothy would be refreshing and on point with the 90s after school vibes you will be soaking up.

I see the game go for 5 to 55 bux so I can only recommend buying it if you love Power Rangers like a lot, or find it for about $12. The box art is rad as heck and that could probably convince me to spend a bit more fish for it.

In fact let me wrap this up with saying the game is a solid 4 all around. Worth playing, possibly even buying. I would have been a little upset buying it for full price back in the day, but as a kid I wouldn’t have been disappointed. This game knows who will be playing it and it played to that strength.